Passive subtropical architecture takes off with BVN-designed Brisbane tower

Brisbane could get another building that “breathes”, with plans lodged with the city’s council for a six-star Green Star commercial tower in the CBD. The 46 storey BVN-designed tower at 25 Mary Street will be accessed from a state heritage-listed synagogue, which will be retained and revitalised for ongoing use by the Brisbane Hebrew Congregation. A […]

On the Declare movement and moving on

News from the front desk, Issue 508: You just know when a piece of news is going to have a big impact. Last week it was that two global giants of the architectural world had resigned from Architects Declare in the UK. The reason? That both, Foster + Partners and Zaha Hadid Architects, work on […]

Wrecking Balls are a-swinging: rethinking the demolition mindset

And thus, the illustrious Dominic Perrottet came swinging in on a wrecking ball, invoking perhaps Miley Cyrus and her infamous 2013 music video, out to erase a hit list of buildings which he has declared blemishes blighting the beauty of Sydney – from the MLC Centre to the Cahill Expressway, from Sydney Aquarium to every Brutalist Building, ever.

Why the MLC Building in North Sydney should be saved

Beyond concern for preserving such rich heritage, the proposed demolition of the MLC Building in North Sydney poses deep environmental concerns. History is the story of who we are. A wise society will take lessons from that history – both good and bad – and critically engage with the present to proactively shape a better future. We […]

Fender Katsalidis: on joining up two Brisbane office buildings

In an impressive engineering exercise, two office buildings in Brisbane were recently stitched together, maintaining much of the existing fabric while creating expansive floor plates for prospective tenants. It was challenging for the architects, Fender Katsalidis, and for the engineers Inertia Engineering. But the results will be a more sustainable product.

10 ways to keep Sunshine Coast liveable and sustainable

As more people flock to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland for the temperate climate and breathtaking views, the Sunshine Coast Council is looking for ways to accommodate growth without compromising sustainability, liveability and affordability.  The council has launched a new design guide specific to the region, complete with 10 guiding principles specific to the unique […]

Hot desking in heatwaves: The workplace in a climate emergency

As global average temperatures continue to rise with increasingly disastrous effects, Sydney-based architect Don Albert considers where and how Australians will work in the future, by re-examining the past.

Q&A: There’s more to green architecture than greenery

The manmade world tends to dominate the natural one but it’s possible for architecture and ecology to coexist in harmony. In fact, it urgently has to, as Byera Hadley Travelling Scholarship recipient Eleanor Peres discovered as she travelled the world last year to write a research report on this very subject.

Just like a giraffe, this design tool can see a long way over carbon mass

Built environment professionals are starting to recognise the importance of accounting for the carbon footprint of building materials but decisions about this are typically left last minute or slip off the planning agenda entirely. A new platform created by Sydney startup Giraffe could see embodied carbon elevated to the early stages of the design process, […]

Bamboo, a material that could transform global construction

OXYGEN FILES: The fact that project homes in Cairns look very much like houses in Craigieburn – plus or minus a palm tree – highlights just how hit-and-miss the building industry is when it comes to sustainable design for Australia’s tropics.

So you’ve declared a climate emergency? Now architects need to walk the talk

Every Australian (and many people beyond) are now feeling the fear that Greta enunciated just one year ago in her speech at Davos. Much to the surprise of the hopeful, hope has not delivered so let’s assume we need to actually do something now. After all, if not now, then when?

Peter Poulet on the new role of the architect

Tomorrowland19 – I, human: “But it is more obvious now than ever that the architect can’t make a building on their own,” Peter Poulet says.

Winners of the Australian Institute of Architects National Awards 2019

A submerged library gives way to urban green space, and a stunning annexe ducks under heritage and physical constraints to provide offices to 102 members of parliament and their support staff – here are the winners of the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) National Awards 2019.

Re-loved warehouses: creative, cool and in demand

Warehouse conversions for apartments have been popular for decades but the rising appetite for co-working and shared office space is seeing a new wave of conversions.