NSW Architecture Awards recognise places with positive impacts

Last Friday’s New South Wales Architecture Awards highlighted the role of buildings in improving lives; the importance of quality over speed and cost; and designing for longevity rather than spectacle.

Architects in call-to-arms on climate change but check out what they’re designing

The movement to declaring a climate emergency is growing. The latest declaration is from 17 Royal Institute of British Architects Stirling Prize-winning architects who last month launched an “Architects Declare” manifesto, following the UK government’s declaration – the first in the world – of a climate emergency. But is what they’re designing sustainable? Check out […]

Construction industry failures due in part to declining role of architects, says Australian Institute of Architects NSW president

Brief: The Australian Institute of Architects NSW chapter president Ms Kathlyn Loseby has released a statement pointing to poor procurement processes, a failing regulatory system and the diminished role of architects as having created a “perfect storm” that threatens the quality and safety of multi residential developments.

GPT’s new timber showpiece above Melbourne Central aims to be a memorable project

The wellbeing of modern workers is the focus of recently unveiled designs for GPT’s new engineered timber office and retail development that will sit above the Melbourne Central shopping centre in the city’s CBD.  Project architect ARM Architecture’s design director Neil Masterton said the choice of timber as a primary material for the 10-level tower […]

How designers are ignoring climate with their concrete, glass and steel

Opinion: Beauty still trumps sustainability for many critics of the built environment, despite the looming threat of climate change outlined in the latest IPCC report. Michael Mobbs reminds us that it’s very possible, and preferable, to do both at once.

John Wardle and why there’s room for optimism 

When highly acclaimed Melbourne-based architect John Wardle opens his new studio in Sydney on 14 January next year it will mark the start, he thinks, of one of the most interesting and exciting decades for architecture, sustainability and the built environment.

Views from the World Architecture Awards 

Brisbane based architect Mark Thomson has just come back from judging a segment in the World Architecture Festival in Europe. While he was there he also gave two presentations to the UN General Assembly in Geneva and had a big look around at what countries on the far side of sustainability are doing on the ground. He’s feeling humbled.

Wellness-focused high-rise taps into opportunities from overwork

The increasingly demanding working week is taking its toll on people. For residential architects and designers, this means creating spaces for workers to come home to places that genuinely promote wellness and social connection.

The Centaur Pod will morph and change shape

A robotic room that morphs and shifts to accommodate more people and changes in temperature is being designed by the University of New South Wales students and Arup.

The architecture challenge: we can make the city we want

Our cities are growing massively but we don’t need tall towers to cope with a rapid rise in housing. Try gentle urbanism instead. A view from Sydney but applicable everywhere.

Clare Cousins on why architects need to be city shapers

The debate on the role of architects just ramped up another notch this week, first with a thought piece by Philip Graus, and now Clare Cousins, national president of the Australian Institute of Architects, has her say.