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Ethics should lie at the heart of the new construction industry

The NSW Building Commissioner’s most recent communication deals with why an ethical and authentic developer or construction enterprise will have the most customers in future. According to David Chandler ethics and…

Property pay yet to slump, young guns still sought after

Pay rises in the property industry have not yet taken a hit from the coronavirus pandemic, but future remuneration increases are likely be “modest” as the “year of the virus” unfolds, according to Avdiev’s latest remuneration report.

CRC for better buildings gets under way

The Australian government has provided $28 million in funding to a 30-partner collaborative initiative to revolutionise the way buildings are designed and built in Australia.

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International Women’s Day: A few wins on the board for women in the built environment

It was International Women’s Day (IWD) on Sunday and while breakfasts, cupcakes and criticisms from some quarters that it has strayed far from its radical roots still featured in the 2020 edition, the annual event provides an opportunity to highlight the hard work being done to advance women’s rights, including females working in the built environment.