Is Green Globes the trojan horse of US rating systems?

By Willow Aliento

10 April 2014 — Just as the original Trojan horse was made of wood, so too is the leverage the Green Building Institute, promoter of the Green Globes rating system, has used to undermine the use of the US Green Building Council’s LEED ratings system by government funded projects in the United States.

A major lobbying push by the alternative rating system – which has a board featuring members from chemical companies, lobbyists for the vinyl industry, firms involved with the Keystone XL Pipeline project and nuclear industry, and major players in the timber industry – has seen the use of LEED effectively barred for government projects in five states.

Comment sought on changing NCC to deliver more resilient buildings

By Willow Aliento

10 April 2014 — The Australian Building Codes Board is seeking comment on whether changes to the National Construction Code are necessary to deliver buildings with better resilience, as increased numbers of extreme weather events and shifting weather patterns begin to threaten the built environment.

Future-proof commercial office towers in running for Parramatta Square

?6 November 2013 — A pair of conical commercial office towers wrapped in photovoltaic panels and topped with wind turbines is one of four proposals for office towers being considered for construction in Parramatta Square. Bologna-based firm Mario Cucinella Architects have come up with this futuristic, energy-generating proposal.

Other contenders short-listed by Parramatta City Council’s Parramatta Square Stages 5 and 6 design competition jury were Sydney-based Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp, Johnson Pilton Walker, and Bates Smart.