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Richard Wynne at construction site with two men

Victoria tackles flammable cladding: safety “fix” or confidence trick?

 In July, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews and the state’s minister for planning, Richard Wynne, trumpeted that $600 million would tackle Victoria’s high-rise cladding crisis. It was paraded as a safety solution for owners of affected buildings but the “fix” was a contemptible confidence trick.

We’re going to miss David Chandler

The Daily Tele was shocked at how David Chandler’s articles in The Fifth Estate have been so critical of the government but he still gets the gig as building commissioner.

re-loved buildings special report

Coming soon: Re-loved Buildings Special Report

The most sustainable buildings are the ones we already have. How do we care for, maintain and creatively repurpose our most precious built environment assets?

Building industry in turbulence

“We’ll all be rooned,” said Hanrahan. If he’d been talking of the building industry he might just have been right. Especially when you think how shonky it’s starting to look and especially when you think how big a part of the economy it is.

Barry Du Bois on how schools deserve better

Builder, designer and TV Host Barry Du Bois says the results of a school survey he took part in were “hideous”. Du Bois started looking at classroom design as part…

The slow road to eco-renovation of existing buildings

The only way the world can possibly tackle climate change successfully is to decarbonise existing buildings at pace, in line with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s recommendation that global…