Mirvac to tackle net zero homes at scale in Melbourne

Mirvac is poised to deliver a $350 million exemplar of how to achieve net zero, high performance, energy efficient and affordable housing in Altona North in Melbourne.

Construction needs to avoid social value smokescreens

Social value can be up to 15 per cent of non-price assessments in construction tenders, but are the metrics genuine? If not, it’s a huge missed opportunity for this sector with so many multiplier effects in the economy.

More must be done to keep us all safe at work

The property market love affair with stone benchtops for bathrooms and kitchens is proving deadly for hundreds of Australian workers.

Passivhaus could be about to hit the mainstream

Thirty years after its inception, Passivhaus design, which results in high-performing buildings that use hardly any energy, looks set to hit the mainstream.

Australia’s construction industry must unite around a cohesive strategy

I recently attended a conference in the UK that discussed future trends affecting the global construction industry, and what struck me was the stark lack of consensus, clarity and strategy we have in Australia around the future of our construction and engineering industry, compared with many other countries.

Time for New Zealand to cut emissions from its construction sector and get its quality up to scratch

In response to a recent report highlighting New Zealand’s problem with embodied carbon in construction, the head of a metal industry organisation Nick Collins has suggested carbon is only part of the story and that a wider approach is needed to clean up the construction industry, which includes a bigger role for the local metal manufacturing sector.

Why construction standards need to be free

Having to pay high cumulative prices to find out what the rules are for construction doesn’t make sense. It’s like getting a licence and then having to pay to access each of the road rules. One of the comments on this story since we first posted suggests it just might be unconstitutional. It certainly feels unjust.

Building crisis: we need an injection of good evidence

Rectifying an information and evidence shortfall in the now widely cited building and construction crisis needs to be an important part of improving policy making and regulation. 

Victoria tackles flammable cladding: safety “fix” or confidence trick?

 In July, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews and the state’s minister for planning, Richard Wynne, trumpeted that $600 million would tackle Victoria’s high-rise cladding crisis. It was paraded as a safety solution for owners of affected buildings but the “fix” was a contemptible confidence trick.

We’re going to miss David Chandler

The Daily Tele was shocked at how David Chandler’s articles in The Fifth Estate have been so critical of the government but he still gets the gig as building commissioner.

Coming soon: Re-loved Buildings Special Report

The most sustainable buildings are the ones we already have. How do we care for, maintain and creatively repurpose our most precious built environment assets?

Building industry in turbulence

“We’ll all be rooned,” said Hanrahan. If he’d been talking of the building industry he might just have been right. Especially when you think how shonky it’s starting to look and especially when you think how big a part of the economy it is.

Europe’s solutions to the barriers to deep energy retrofits

The European Commission estimates that almost 75 per cent of Europe’s building stock is energy inefficient, with a renovation rate of just 0.4 to 1.2 per cent per year, depending on the country. But several projects are racing to overcome the many hurdles to improving this. These hurdles are technical, economic, social and regulatory. Energy […]

Barry Du Bois on how schools deserve better

Builder, designer and TV Host Barry Du Bois says the results of a school survey he took part in were “hideous”. Du Bois started looking at classroom design as part of a not-for-profit initiative he launched, Co-Innovate, which aimed to foster collaboration to solve big community problems. He contributed to CRCLCL research and to the […]

The slow road to eco-renovation of existing buildings

The only way the world can possibly tackle climate change successfully is to decarbonise existing buildings at pace, in line with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s recommendation that global carbon emissions should reach zero by 2050 to limit warming below 1.5C. This is proving particularly difficult, but it’s not stopping leading industry players from […]

Morrison government backs prefab sector with $2 million innovation lab

Brief: The Morrison government is spending $2 million to develop a new collaborative lab to help manufacturers design prefabricated buildings. “This sector is starting to build significant momentum and currently represents 3-5 per cent of Australia’s $150 billion construction industry,” minister for industry, science and technology Karen Andrews said. “This share could grow to 15 […]