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ISPT tops NABERS Indoor Environment charts

Quality air and daylight is no longer a nice-to-have for office workers, according to ISPT’s Alicia Maynard, who says tenants now expect health and wellness in the workplace. Maynard, who…

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Great green building intent – pity about the execution

HOLIDAY RENTAL REVIEW: A key part of sustainability is good, useable design and specification so the buildings we create
serve us well from the outset and don’t present us with reasons to want to change them – because changes cost resources and resources cost the earth.

Buildings are not lifeless objects, it’s time to treat them as such 

In our obsession with newness, we can easily forget that the narrative of sustainability is not merely about technical longevity, but also about cultural sustainability, an expression of our city’s identity and thus a continuation of our collective memory of place.

Assemble’s rent/buy housing model is changing the game

Around 6000 people have signed-up to a database in Melbourne to rent apartments for five years, with an option to buy – complete with all the trimmings you need to build a great community.