Case Studies

ICC Sydney

How ICC’s precinct-scale thermal plant works

Case study: Among the sustainability initiatives that made the International Convention Centre at Sydney’s Darling Harbour an awards and ratings magnet, a working example of a precinct-scale central energyplantis the star.

Case study: a tiny home with a big vision

A small home project in Geelong is showcasing a way to address some of the big issues in the residential sector, including affordability, density, build quality and sustainability.

Corruption concerns over NSW’s mandatory planning panel push

Property lobby groups are overjoyed by the NSW government’s announcement it will install mandatory planning panels to approve development applications, but the local government sector and opposition parties say there are probity and accountability issues.

How digital tech and big data is transforming buildings

Digital technology and big data promise a range of benefits to building developers, owners and tenants, including increased rental yields, improved employee retention and lower operational costs. The property sector,…

Case study: Why heat pumps now trump gas hot water

With gas prices escalating, the search is on for a cheaper way to heat hot water in apartment complexes. Surprisingly, one of the more economical solutions is electricity in the…

Rialto: how to transform a Melbourne giant

SPECIAL REPORT: There’s a view that old buildings can’t perform. Rialto shows it’s that thinking that’s outdated. In this building, good bones means age is no impediment to making a building…