RMIT: from grey ghosts to stylish green

It’s been five years, but the transformation of RMIT’s “grey ghost” 1960s buildings into sustainable state-of-the-art and uber-stylish spaces is now complete.

Woman sitting office reading at Australian ethical

How do you know if your office is healthy?

This excerpt from The Fifth Estate’s Healthy Offices ebook shows that when attempting to gauge whether an office is a truly healthy space, both qualitative and quantitative data are equally important.

The pros and cons of building upgrade grants

There’s an old question about grants. Some funding is great but is it ever enough? The issue recently rose to the fore with the recent announcement from Sustainability Victoria that had a new program of grants for energy efficiency, called Better Commercial Buildings.

Healthy Offices: Why Wellness is the New Green

This isn’t an easy call to make because all of our books are very special and become industry guides, downloaded over and over, but I’m sure our Healthy Offices book…