GPT fast tracks net zero target by six years

GPT has learnt much from its journey to carbon neutrality so far and now it’s going to apply those learnings to achieve a new target of net zero across its portfolio of managed assets by 2024, six years earlier than intended. Thanks to the property giant’s Energy Master Plan, three buildings in it’s Wholesale Office […]

Workplace flexibility the new norm

Due to Covid, more Australian businesses are looking for alternatives to costly, long-term commercial workspaces, opting instead for short-term and flexible office space options closer to home.

Flexible workspace on the rise in Asia Pacific

In the face of ongoing uncertainty due to Covid, flexible office spaces are on the rise in the Asia Pacific region for the third year in a row.

How many staff come to the office because it offers a better working environment than home? You need to know this

The Covid -19 pandemic has been nothing short of a monumental experiment. Within weeks, workplaces were forced into changes that would normally take years to implement. Reactions to the current state of work have been as varied as the experiences of the people going through it. Accounts range from horror stories to fairy tales and […]

How ventilation controls can affect the spread of COVID-19

Two new research papers advocate the use of engineering controls in public buildings, along with other measures to limit the risk of infection from covid-19. This is because to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and other infections in public buildings, handwashing and social distancing are not enough; they do not prevent infection by inhalation […]

Looking for savings? Energy efficiency is the best place to start 

It’s great to see property companies setting themselves ambitious emissions reduction targets, says Buildings Alive chief executive officer Craig Roussac, but are they making the most of the easiest, cheapest tactic to cut emissions: using less energy?

Coronavirus: What we know so far about managing the risk in buildings

SPECIAL FEATURE: Wondering if buildings can help prevent the spread and impact of COVID-19? You’re not alone, but unfortunately, we’re still learning about the virus so the recommended response for building operators is evolving daily. The Fifth Estate spoke to the experts to see what the latest advice is on keeping buildings safe for occupants.

Property can’t avoid a COVID19 impact

No-one knows exactly how the coronavirus will impact the economy but what is known for certain is that it will be significant. Property Council of Australia chief executive Ken Morrison says the property industry will not be excused from the fallout.

HVAC’s evolution and why it needs to look to the next generation

In the past three decades, Australia’s HVAC industry has seen a quantum evolution, but according to University of Wollongong professor Paul Cooper, there’s a real risk of a talent deficit looming in the near future.

WELL doing better than well in Australia

FEATURE REPORT: The WELL Building Standard global rating system for healthy buildings has exploded in Australia in the last two years, with about 10 per cent of the total occupied office footprint now registered or certified.

Timber, a material with a bundle of challenges, all worth it

The Fifth Estate last week moderated a panel on timber at an event at timber 25 King Street, Brisbane, the 10-storey timber office building. The event was organised by Bates Smart and Aurecon as part of the Brisbane Open House program. The following is a report based on interviews ahead of the event and on […]

Property owners ready to do more – so what’s the hold up?

Property owners are ready to do more with sustainability, from expanding the CBD disclosure program to sectors outside of offices to carbon positive buildings. Behind them is a tsunami of investment trends and tenant preferences all pushing in the same direction. So what’s the hold up? According to national program manager for CitySwitch, Esther Bailey, […]

Universities are amazing places

Part 1 of our new special report on Universities and education, through our new micro site portal