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Getting the temperature just right helps people with dementia stay cool

What happens when you can’t control the temperature where you live? This problem is faced by many residents of aged care facilities, and can be particularly difficult for those living with dementia.

Q&A: The Indigenous design perspective

In Australia, and many other countries with colonial pasts, mainstream design – including architecture, town planning, as well as fashion, interior, product and landscape design – has largely eschewed both Indigenous design and designers.

performance-based design

The misconceptions about performance-based design

Some people think performance-based design solutions are too confusing, expensive or a sneaky way to cut corners. But according to Sid Thoo, performance-based solutions offer a holistic approach that can see buildings meet optimum standards, rather than just minimum ones.

NAIDOC week puts indigenous-led design in the spotlight

NAIDOC week has brought to the fore an emerging interest in Indigenous-led design and planning of the built environment, and with it, a deeply-ingrained approach to sustainability that defines the Aboriginal culture.

biophilic design Frasers brickworks

The living buildings of the future

I recently participated in the Living Future unConference, the annual event that leads the world in regenerative design.

Kellie Payne, The Fifth Estate event

The five factors of workplace wellbeing

Bates Smart studio director Kellie Payne recently spoke at The Fifth Estate’s Bring Your Office to Life event in Brisbane on the factors needed for a healthy, sustainable and productive workplace.

Frog Hollow House

Design lessons from remote communities

NBC Aboriginal Corporation is an Aboriginal-owned organisation that provides architectural design and building consultancy services in Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory, with particular focus on Aboriginal communities and remote locations.

Jefa Greenaway

The opportunity to move beyond tokenism with Indigenous-led design

Reconciliation Week stimulates many conversations around the relationship between Australia’s First Nations and newer cultures but few more important for the built environment than those that offer opportunities to learn from and prioritise Indigenous-led approaches to design and planning.

Kellie Payne on the wellbeing of workplaces

A lead speaker at our Bring Your Office to Life event in Brisbane on 27 March, Bates Smart workplace and education strategy lead Kellie Payne, knows what makes us tick in the office and what makes us flop.

A few billion more reasons to pursue healthy green buildings

The energy saving benefits of green buildings have long been understood, but new research from Harvard University has now put a dollar value on the climate and health benefits of reduced atmospheric pollution.