The living buildings of the future

I recently participated in the Living Future unConference, the annual event that leads the world in regenerative design.

The five factors of workplace wellbeing

Bates Smart studio director Kellie Payne recently spoke at The Fifth Estate’s Bring Your Office to Life event in Brisbane on the factors needed for a healthy, sustainable and productive workplace.

Design lessons from remote communities

NBC Aboriginal Corporation is an Aboriginal-owned organisation that provides architectural design and building consultancy services in Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory, with particular focus on Aboriginal communities and remote locations.

The opportunity to move beyond tokenism with Indigenous-led design

Reconciliation Week stimulates many conversations around the relationship between Australia’s First Nations and newer cultures but few more important for the built environment than those that offer opportunities to learn from and prioritise Indigenous-led approaches to design and planning.

Kellie Payne on the wellbeing of workplaces

A lead speaker at our Bring Your Office to Life event in Brisbane on 27 March, Bates Smart workplace and education strategy lead Kellie Payne, knows what makes us tick in the office and what makes us flop.

A few billion more reasons to pursue healthy green buildings

The energy saving benefits of green buildings have long been understood, but new research from Harvard University has now put a dollar value on the climate and health benefits of reduced atmospheric pollution.

Crone adds bespoke and beautiful to its large scale works

A new focus on smaller-scale public works such as museums and community precincts has reaped rewards for Crone Architects, with benefits including employee satisfaction and industry recognition.

Regions steal spotlight at national architecture awards

Regional projects were big winners at this year’s National Architecture Awards, including the East Pilbara Arts Centre by Officer Woods Architects, which took out the major Sir Zelman Cowen Award for Public Architecture.

VCAT, we have a problem

“Fair, efficient justice for all Victorians”. These noble words are emblazoned over the door as you enter the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal building in downtown Melbourne.

The redevelopment of UrbanGrowth NSW

It will be interesting to watch the comings and goings of staff now that the long-mooted split of UrbanGrowth NSW is under way.

City of Sydney reveals ambitious overhaul of WestConnex

The City of Sydney is calling on the NSW state government to rethink its planning for the contentious WestConnex project, putting forward an alternative proposal it believes will do more to reduce congestion while costing taxpayers and motorists less.

50 ways to boost building performance

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation has teamed up with consultants Norman Disney & Young to produce a guide of 50 “best-practice initiatives” new and existing building owners can implement in order to cut energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. CEFC property sector lead Chris Wade said buildings could be a key driver of CO2 reductions, […]

4 trends that will radically transform the built environment sector

The building industry is often noted for just how slow it has been to change. While other industries are radically reshaping in response to technological, cultural, demographic and economic shifts, the built environment sector has been sitting stagnant, clinging to the status quo. But not for much longer. Major shifts in technologies, how we work […]

Why 3D modelling is the way forward for better planning outcomes

Giving the community tools to better visualise development proposals through 3D modelling of our cities is essential, according to Planning Institute of Australia Queensland. Its president Todd Rohl said governments at all levels needed to use city modelling as part of the planning and development process to reduce conflict between communities, developers and government authorities. […]

Sydney’s deep divide and how to end it

Urgent policy action is needed to provide better health outcomes and effective job density as Sydney’s population doubles over the next 40 years, according to the Committee for Sydney. The committee’s new report, Adding to the Dividend, Ending the Divide #3, analyses the current performance of Greater Sydney while suggesting practical ways to improve the […]

Victoria’s new apartments guidelines kick up a storm

The Victorian government’s new apartment design standards have been slammed – by the architects for failing to reverse the damage of free-for-all planning of the previous Liberal government, and by the industry, predictably, for being too prescriptive. Believe it or not, bedrooms will now need to be big enough to fit an actual bed.

Sydney sets a sustainable future in draft district plans

There is a wide range of reaction to the Greater Sydney Commission’s draft district plans, much of it positive. Key to sustainability is the objective to enable net zero emissions by 2050, and a circular economy.

How changing building shape and form can slash energy use

New guidance has just been issued to help architects, developers and designers understand more about how the shape and form of a building affects heat loss, so they can reduce the energy consumption of new buildings at little or no extra cost.

Fishermans Bend gets tough – back to the drawing board for some

The Victorian government has announced mandatory development controls will be placed on Fishermans Bend in order to preserve amenity and liveability, with mandatory height limits coming into effect for all developments currently under assessment.

Parramatta Road – long awaited plans revealed

Sydney’s aesthetically challenged Parramatta Road looks finally set for a major makeover after this week’s release of the $31 billion Parramatta Road Corridor Urban Transformation Strategy. The plan is now to slash the number of houses previously slated for the area while increasing the amount of commercial development.

Brisbane’s West End development gets go-ahead after call-in

The controversial $800 million West Village development in inner-city Brisbane has got the go-ahead, after being called in by planning minister Jackie Trad, however new conditions accompany the approval, including an increase in green space and the requirement to get a 5 Star Green Star rating.