Covid a wakeup call for energy guzzling health and research facilities

Energy efficiency and diversification are two major opportunities for health and research facilities looking to save money and attract investment.    Air quality is of utmost importance for health and research facilities to protect people from bacteria, viruses, chemicals and other nasty contaminants. But keeping all that fresh air pumping through the HVAC system comes at […]

Clare Parry: “Now that I live in a Passive House, I never want to move”

Clare Parry, who will be a panellist at The Fifth Estate’s Flick the Switch event on 5 August, is a director of the Australian Passive House Association (and founding chair). She’s been weathering the lockdown periods in her recently built Passive House in Melbourne, and is thrilled not to be in the “dumb” double brick house she lived in before.

Want a marriage made in heaven? Try Passive House+

Plans for one of the largest “passive house” social housing estates in Europe have been approved in Ireland. But the designers could still learn a thing or two about the latest thinking in sustainable social housing from Germany. A total of 597 homes will be built on a nine hectare site by scenic Shanganagh Castle, […]

Four new sustainable building materials to watch

With the need for better buildings more urgent than ever, great minds across Australia are finding innovative ways to reshape the building sector with sustainable construction materials When it comes to rethinking sustainability, the Australian building sector is going to have to start from the ground up. Australia’s construction sector is the fourth largest indirect […]

Social value: the next great leap in Melbourne and Sydney’s transit infrastructure

In Melbourne and Sydney, investment in transit infrastructure is at an unprecedented high. How these two cities are learning from places with developed transit-related value capture models, such as Hong Kong, Los Angeles and London, to ensure that the investment brings broad, long-lasting social value and environmental benefits to the surrounding communities? Melbourne is currently […]

Mott MacDonald snares ILFI’s Amanda Sturgeon to drive regenerative design leadership

With outfits like Google and Salesforce jumping onto the Living Building Challenge this is a green building growth phenomenon. In a signal it wants to be a regional leader in this fast-growing space, global engineering and development consultancy, Mott MacDonald, has hired someone from the very top of her field to be its first-ever head […]

Need help solving a COVID19 problem? Ask an engineer

The ultimate problem solvers, Engineers Australia chief executive officer Bronwyn Evans says engineers will play a key role in building resilience during and after the COVID-19 pandemic

It’s time for building professionals to embrace carbon positive

Sara Wilkinson and Wil Srubar III attended the CarbonPositive ’20 conference in LA in March to present on the use of next-generation biomaterials in construction. The three-day event reset the agenda for sustainability and decarbonisation of the built environment from lowering and minimising our carbon emissions and meeting zero carbon targets, to becoming carbon positive.

Infrastructure Australia steers a sustainable direction

It might be a sign of changing times or Romilly Madew’s green pedigree coming through, but climate adaption and response projects topped Infrastructure Australia’s priority list for 2020

Meinhardt vies for Tier 1 status with new acquisition

Global engineering company Meinhardt has come “full circle” in its Australian operations by acquiring Bonacci Group, a move it hopes will lock in its return as a top player in the Australian market.

America vying with Australia as Aquacell’s strongest market

It’s been a long road but Australian-based water recycling company Aquacell is now installing its non-potable water treatment systems into major commercial building in the US, including the Salesforce Tower in San Francisco.

Daniella Traino: The promises and pitfalls of the digital age

Tomorrowland19 – I, human: Connectivity in the built environment has many benefits, but the reality is that smart buildings are collecting data that could be used in nefarious ways in the future and it’s hard to plug the entry points for infiltration.

Mainstreaming low carbon design

Low carbon design provides a cost-effective way of improving performance that can be adopted for all buildings. Now, clear guidance on how to achieve such designs is available in a series of free, technical guides.

A new collaboration to navigate the digital revolution – sustainably

TECHNOLOGY: Simon Carter’s company Morphosis and other supporting organisations last week launched the Sustainable Digitalisation Project – a collaboration making digitalisation in real estate and cities responsible, ethical and sustainable.

Optimising office space to drive efficiency

How EcoStruxure Workplace Advisor optimised energy efficiency and employee comfort levels at Sodexo APAC House.