Adani – a consultant’s moral dilemma or no brainer?

If your company was offered a mega-profitable commission on Adani’s Carmichael coal mine* in Queensland would you turn it down due to the environmental damage it will cause, or would you take the cash?

Could cool roofs cause more pollution?

Californian energy efficiency standards are set to see cool roof technology take off, but scientists have raised concerns that widespread use could lead to increased levels of ozone and fine particulate pollution.

Charter Hall gets Comfy with new HVAC app

Charter Hall has become one of the early adopters of a new app, Comfy, which allows users to personalise workspace heating and cooling.

Europe starts work on making buildings smarter

The European Commission is proposing that a voluntary scheme for rating the “smart readiness” of buildings be adopted by the end of 2019. This scheme will include the development of…

Virtual reality for off-the-plan sales on the rise

Virtual reality is being used to give potential residents a better understanding of what living at Lendlease’s Melbourne Quarter will be like, offering hope that fewer resources can be consumed…

Hux business booms with rise in healthy building awareness

Growing understanding of productivity costs caused by occupant discomfort in buildings is proving a business boost for IEQ innovator and tech start-up Hux. Co-founder Rhys Sullivan, who replaced his fellow…

Warming up to climate-sensitive design

With 2016 achieving the unenviable title of “world’s hottest year on record” and 2017 already seeing a onslaught of heatwaves in Australia, what are some of the sustainable design features…

The megatrends that will rock the property industry

New research by EY, in conjunction with the Green Building Council of Australia and Property Council of Australia, hopes to shake the property industry from its slumber on the inevitable…