Could cool roofs cause more pollution?

Californian energy efficiency standards are set to see cool roof technology take off, but scientists have raised concerns that widespread use could lead to increased levels of ozone and fine particulate pollution.

Charter Hall gets Comfy with new HVAC app

Charter Hall has become one of the early adopters of a new app, Comfy, which allows users to personalise workspace heating and cooling.

Europe starts work on making buildings smarter

The European Commission is proposing that a voluntary scheme for rating the “smart readiness” of buildings be adopted by the end of 2019. This scheme will include the development of a smart readiness indicator, and a methodology to calculate this.

Virtual reality for off-the-plan sales on the rise

Virtual reality is being used to give potential residents a better understanding of what living at Lendlease’s Melbourne Quarter will be like, offering hope that fewer resources can be consumed to promote and visualise new property development. Within the apartment sales and display centre, virtual reality goggles and an interactive 3D printed model controlled by […]

World first geospatial mapping – for nearly every building, nearly every little detail

Government-owned company PSMA has officially launched what it says is a world first in geospatial mapping technology, providing high-resolution built environment data that will soon cover the whole of Australia. Geoscape will provide data sets including a digital representation of every building in Australia with a roof over nine square metres in urban areas, 3D […]

The built environment must seize the opportunities of a digital economy

The Australian construction sector must transform and seize the sustainability and productivity benefits offered by the digital economy, argues Gavin Cotterill. There has never been a more urgent need to transform the way we inhabit our planet. Whether we look at it through the lens of climate change, population growth, migration, urbanisation, sustainability or use […]

Hux business booms with rise in healthy building awareness

Growing understanding of productivity costs caused by occupant discomfort in buildings is proving a business boost for IEQ innovator and tech start-up Hux. Co-founder Rhys Sullivan, who replaced his fellow co-founder and brother Matthew Sullivan-Kilgour as chief executive in December last year, says the business is now in the process of transitioning out of the […]

CIM Enviro’s big data energy tech creating big savings

Australian start-up CIM Enviro has utilised venture capital funding to rapidly expand, achieving up to 30 per cent reduction in peak energy demand across its 46 client sites. Founder and chief executive David Walsh said venture capital had traditionally gone to the fintech, mining, oil and gas sectors despite property playing a huge role in […]

Google teams up with Healthy Building Network for green materials database

Tech giant Google has joined forces with the US-based Healthy Building Network to launch a web-based materials analysis tool that promises to advance healthy materials use, accelerate access to high-quality and comparable data, and connect supply with demand. The application, Portico, is currently being beta-tested by founding partners in the enterprise including architects Perkins + […]

Cooling technology: US researchers develop zero energy “airconditioner”

US researchers have developed a metamaterial they say could be used to help cool buildings without the use of energy or water. The glass-polymer hybrid film, developed by engineers at the University of Colorado Boulder, cools objects it is applied to by reflecting incoming solar energy while also allowing the surface to emit its own […]

Warming up to climate-sensitive design

With 2016 achieving the unenviable title of “world’s hottest year on record” and 2017 already seeing a onslaught of heatwaves in Australia, what are some of the sustainable design features developers might consider to make their buildings more comfortable in this increasingly extreme environment? Ever-increasing property prices have led to developers seeking to build as […]

The megatrends that will rock the property industry

New research by EY, in conjunction with the Green Building Council of Australia and Property Council of Australia, hopes to shake the property industry from its slumber on the inevitable disruption that will transform the sector.

Tesla Powerwall 2.0 sees enquiries double

Homebuyers and builders have pushed up demand for solar and batteries to double previous levels following the release of Tesla’s Powerwall 2.0, according to CSR Bradford’s executive general manager Anthony Tannous.

(Nearly live) from London’s Bentley Conference: China gets the BIM groove

Software company Bentley Systems’ annual Year in Infrastructure conference is being held this week in London, and one thing that seems to have changed from previous years is the number of Chinese projects now represented. Of the 54 finalists for the Be Inspired awards, nine have come from China, which Bentley says is unprecedented. The […]

HFC phase down: Keeping our cool, safely

Global agreement on 16 October to phase down refrigerants with high global warming potential has been welcomed in Australia, but how prepared is the industry and what are the issues surrounding natural refrigerants? Australia and other developed nations were this month part of the agreement reached at a Montreal Protocol meeting in Kigali, Rwanda, to […]

NZ: Electric vehicles get a boost from BMW

BMW is investing in growing uptake of electric vehicles in New Zealand, entering into a partnership arrangement with Charge Net NZ to develop a national EV charging network that will stretch around the country.

3D printing vulnerable to hackers

It’s touted as one of the next big disruptions in the construction space, but researchers from NYU have warned that 3D printing could be vulnerable to cyberattack.

Habitech enters the NZ housing market

Melbourne-based prefabricated modular housing company Habitech Systems has entered the New Zealand market, with an exclusive partnership deal with NZ construction firm LiteGreen Projects.

Innovative built environment projects score millions in CRC grants

Research projects involving printed solar film for building products, innovative prefabricated building systems and multi-storey timber housing technology have shared in $22.6 million of federal funding delivered through the Cooperative Research Centres Program.

Barangaroo gets an Aussie-first “breathing wall”

Lendlease’s new headquarters at its Barangaroo South development has become the first to install a new green wall technology researchers say absorbs carbon dioxide faster than any other plant system.

Government commits to HFC phasedown

The federal government has announced a phase-down of HFC imports to occur from January 2018, which is estimated to reduce HFC emissions by 85 per cent by 2036, and contribute 80 millions tonnes towards Australia’s 2030 emissions reductions targets.

New online climate adaptation and resilience tool launched

A new online climate adaptation and resilience tool launched this month by Wood & Grieve Engineers aims to assist developers, design teams and local councils to assess risks and outline mitigation pathways for building and infrastructure projects.

Interview: Greg Stone, from Microsoft to Arup and why

Enormous digital disruption is occurring globally but if the Australian property industry is to utilise emerging technology, it needs to change its business model, contractual arrangements, and design methodology, says Greg Stone, Arup’s Australasian digital services leader.