Green MashUP: the future of transport

By Leon Gettler

15 April 2014 — Public transport of the future is likely to be faster and greener. Many cities around the world have public transport infrastructure that’s been in place for over a century, and some radical plans are in the works that will redefine our notion of how we get around.

Researchers make step towards solar power generating windows

16 April 2014 — Windows that generate solar power could be a step closer to reality, thanks to research on quantum dots. Researchers from Italy and the US found that the superior light-emitting properties of quantum dots – ultra-small bits of semiconductor matter – could be applied to solar energy production by helping more efficiently […]

Choosing hot water systems for multi-unit residential

By Siân Willmott, GIW Environmental Solutions

2 April 2014 — There has been much confusion within the development industry between architects, services engineers, ESD consultants, other design consultants and planning authorities as to which hot water systems are most suitable for a development, particularly within the multi-unit residential sector.

Report: Australia’s a BIM leader, but barriers still remain

By Cameron Jewell

27 March 2014 — McGraw Hill Construction has released a report on building information modelling in Australian and New Zealand economies, finding that the region is an international leader in BIM adoption, though barriers still need to be overcome, and a government mandate would help.

New online platform enables cost-effective, holistic lifecycle analysis

By Willow Aliento

18 March 2014 — A new online platform is giving business, planners, architects and educational institutions the ability to quickly and cost-effectively assess options for building – and living – within the earth’s finite resources.

The online sustainability calculation system and software platform has been developed by Dr Caroline Noller’s The Footprint Company.

How to save business billions, without cutting renewable jobs

By Suzanne Benn and Patrick Crittenden, University of Technology, Sydney

26 February 2014 — The debate about the future of Australia’s Renewable Energy Target (RET) has largely focused on the issue of immediate costs to business. But if we’re thinking about Australia’s long-term economic interests, there are a number of reasons why leaving the target as it is makes good business sense.

Tony Arnel on the promise of modular construction

By Tony Arnel, Norman Disney & Young

25 February 2014 — Modular construction can deliver a six per cent reduction in costs, according to research by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the US. In a market where a one per cent saving can mean the difference between profit and loss, modular makes business sense. And, in a world of finite resources, modular makes environmental sense.

BuildingIQ shifts in Australian direction

By Willow Aliento

19 February 2014 — Energy efficiency technology provider BuildingIQ is expanding its Australian project base, as strategic partnerships with Schneider Electric and AE Smith open up new opportunities.

New HVAC rating tool to slash energy use

18 February 2014 — The Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Airconditioning and Heating is helping to develop a rating tool for HVAC systems it hopes will have a “profound impact” on building energy use and costs. The Calculating Cool Online HVAC Rating Tool captures quantitative and qualitative data across design, installation and operational phases to “rate, reward and encourage” best-practice HVAC systems.

This is a freight train fellas: are you on or off?

By Tina Perinotto 13 February 2014 — Narelle Hooper, former Boss magazine editor, well-versed facilitator and women’s champion, wanted to know when Sam Mostyn was going to be PM. Yes, Mostyn was electric. She was speaking on a panel at the Green Building Council of Australia’s Leading Green Women forum in Sydney. We’d all seen […]

8 Chifley: the journey to high performance

By Erik Moore, Arup

6 February 2014 — As reported on The Fifth Estate on 16 July last year, 8 Chifley Square is one of a new breed of buildings currently being introduced to the Sydney commercial market.

This new breed is providing the City of Sydney with ingenious and unorthodox designs that are leading the international field in sustainable building design in their technology and systems, along with the less tangible element of societal change.

Lighting the path to solar without the capital cost

By Willow Aliento

4 February 2014 — NuGreen Solutions is ready to shake up the energy efficiency marketplace with a no capital solar energy offering for the commercial market that removes entirely the up-front capital cost of installing solar photovoltaic systems and delivers immediate energy bill savings.

Dream homes of the future still stuck in the past

3 February 2013 — From The Conversation: “Imagine this: Total Electric Living… where electricity does absolutely everything: heats, air conditions, cooks, preserves food, lights, entertains, encourages hobbies, makes it the easiest way ever for you and your family to be happier, healthier, to live fuller lives.”

Jonathan Prendergast: little thanks for embedded generation

By Jonathan Prendergast, Prendergast Projects

20 January 2014 — Embedded generation has the potential to reduce peak energy demand during heatwaves, helping to increase security and reduce the need for costly grid upgrades. Is it fair, then, that it’s being slugged with huge network charges?