Now for airconditioning-as-a-service

A Singaporean business offering airconditioning as-a-service has its sights set on Australia, which could bring cheaper, ultra-efficient cooling to Australian buildings. Kaer’s revolutionary airconditioning model borrows from other industries that have “servitised” their offerings, such as Uber (mobility) and Spotify (music), which provide access to products rather than ownership. Rather than a building owner procuring […]

Why we need to assess the performance of the great outdoors

How do we know if the thing built meets expectations? There are ways to measure this so you can check out the “performance gaps” – the difference between the way a building, or any kind of space, was expected to operate, and how it operates in reality.

Ventilation might help slow COVID-19 spread but let’s not forget energy use

While the evidence so far indicates that increasing outside air circulation may help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in buildings, some common sense goes a long way for facility managers looking to keep occupants safe without wasting energy on overzealous air circulation. 

The race to crack the safety challenges of UV-C technology with Covid  

We need to get back to work. Soon. But how will we feel safe from infections? Two companies are banking on ultraviolet light to kill the coronavirus but there are major safety threats. Here’s how they’re handling the challenges and creating solutions. Before we can get back into offices, schools, or board planes, buses or […]

Keeping an eye on the energy efficiency ball is crucial

What happens to energy efficiency when people desert the CBDs because of the COVID-19 pandemic to work from home, and then send energy consumption through the roof with their domestic consumption?

HVAC and COVID-19 explained

 There is considerable interest in the role that HVAC may play in the transmission of COVID-19.

Albert Park Preschool achieves carbon neutral dream

Melbourne’s Albert Park Preschool has become the first early childhood service to achieve carbon neutral certification from the Federal Department of the Environment and Energy.

The comfort factor, myths and myth busters

FROM THE TREASURE CHEST (2013) Comfort is a complex issue and very personal. I see that every day. Very highly paid workers surround me and you can be rest assured that, being a thermostat, I am blamed every day by a select few for not looking after their comfort needs.

Behaviour rises up the ranks of efficiency trends

Human nature and behaviour patterns are increasingly coming to the fore in managing energy efficiency for commercial buildings in particular. Now Johnson Controls has released a report showing it’s a rising trend.

The trends changing the face of facilities management

Smart cities, changing workplace design, new international standards, sustainability and improved waste management are changing the face of the facilities management sector, and how facility managers do their job.

Green strata, learning from the big guns

Sustainability lessons from some of Australia’s leading commercial property investment trusts are being applied to the strata sector in order to drive environmental, social and financial outcomes.

The changing face of facilities management and the 3 game-changing trends

Sustainability, procurement and thermal comfort are three of the major trends changing the shape of the facilities management industry, according to Martin A Leitch, principal consultant at FM Scope, who has been involved in shaping Total Facilities expo in Sydney at the end of this month.

New FM business to challenge existing models

According to a former chair of the Facility Management Association of Australia and his partners in a new business there is plenty of steam left in the outsourcing business and still some big challenges to crack – technology for instance New opportunities for energy savings exist through incorporating capital expenditure into maintenance contracts, says the […]

AIRAH on designing for resilience and upgrading preloved buildings

Climate change resilience and improving B and C grade building energy efficiency are high on the agenda for the Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Airconditioning and Heating, the institute’s chief executive Phil Wilkinson says.

Construction projects urged to bring FM experts to the table early

The new Framework for Project Team Integration and Building Information Modelling has launched today (Tuesday) in Canberra, making a strong case for the integration of facilities management professionals in the early design stages in order to improve the sustainability, efficiency and lifecycle costings of assets and facilities.