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Behaviour rises up the ranks of efficiency trends

Behaviour rises up the ranks of efficiency trends

Human nature and behaviour patterns are increasingly coming to the fore in managing energy efficiency for commercial buildings in particular. Now Johnson Controls has released a report showing it’s a rising trend.

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The trends changing the face of facilities management

Smart cities, changing workplace design, new international standards, sustainability and improved waste management are changing the face of the facilities management sector, and how facility managers do their job.

Green strata, learning from the big guns

Sustainability lessons from some of Australia’s leading commercial property investment trusts are being applied to the strata sector in order to drive environmental, social and financial outcomes.

New FM business to challenge existing models

According to a former chair of the Facility Management Association of Australia and his partners in a new business there is plenty of steam left in the outsourcing business and…

ARBS: how the new HVAC rating tool works

By Sandra Edmunds

22 May 2014 – A world-first design and performance rating method for HVAC systems is a step closer with the imminent release of an online tool for industry comment.

Melbourne 1200 Building Programs on HVAC 101

By Tina Perinotto

14 May 2014 — According to Bryon Price, strategic development director with A.G. Coombs, heating and cooling systems are generally quite well built and surprisingly resilient.

News from the front desk: Issue No 190

On lock-ups, taxes, Panzers and the Paris thing 8 May 2014 — In the view of one person in the lock up for the Victorian budget, the greenies weren’t happy.…

How tuning can lead to big performance gains in old buildings

By Andrew Smith, A.G. Coombs

8 May 2014 — You don’t need to invest in new equipment to get savings from older buildings. It’s possible to get up to a 50 per cent performance improvement in old building stock by tuning alone, A.G. Coombs’ Andrew Smith says.

Many people hear “retrofit” as a big rip-and-replace operation, but you don’t need to replace all your existing building systems to achieve substantial energy savings.