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Logistics must be part of any circular economy strategies

The Victorian government is developing a circular economy policy and action plan for the state that will be released later, this year. But critics say the strategy is missing a…

Are data centres still big energy guzzlers?

Are data centres still big energy guzzlers?

Data centres consume 3 per cent of the world’s energy so it’s fortunate these buildings are becoming increasingly energy efficient. Sadly these efficiency gains might disappear when the world’s appetite for data is expected to accelerate with the proliferation of artificial intelligence and autonomous cars.

Dunlop factory alexandria sydney

Managing Sydney’s industrial land – striking the balance

The debate about Sydney’s employment lands isn’t over, with urban planner Benjamin Craig advocating for greater flexibility in the city’s approach to industrial and urban services land to better accommodate the jobs of the future.

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Why Sydney needs to keep its sheds and industrial lands

Sydney is the manufacturing capital of Australia, worth $21.5 billion, but left unchecked the industrial land that supports so many important activities could be swallowed up and lost forever by rapidly encroaching residential development.

Toyota installs Victoria’s largest solar system

By Cameron Jewell

4 June 2013 — Toyota’s manufacturing plant in Altona, Victoria is now home to a 500-kilowatt solar photovoltaic system, the largest roof-mounted PV system in Victoria, and the third-largest nationally.

Stockland bids for full control of Australand

By Tina Perinotto 28 May 2014 – Stockland today (Wednesday) launched a bid for full control of Australand with a $2.4 billion “final and non-binding bid” for remaining shares, after…

Government axes “cost-effective” Energy Efficiency Opportunities Program

By Cameron Jewell

14 May 2014 — In amidst a budget of shocks and shockers, the government has slipped through a decision to axe the successful Energy Efficiency Opportunities Program, which acts to raise industry’s awareness of energy efficiency savings and has been responsible for at least 40 per cent of industrial energy efficiency improvements since the program began – with associated net financial benefits of $808 million a year.

CEFC biogas investment to help Australian manufacturing

5 March 2014 — With debate raging on how to protect against more manufacturing closes, the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, in its first public investment move since the federal election, has stepped in to announce it will finance new biogas infrastructure designed to cut energy costs for agribusinesses and manufacturers.