How to choose the best windows for your building

They say windows are the eyes of a building – and your eyes are a window to your soul. To help your buildings’ windows best serve the needs of its occupants, the UK’s NHBC Foundation has released a special guide.

Labor pressures government to ban PE cladding

Federal Labor is pressuring the Turnbull government to announce a ban on flammable polyethylene (PE) cladding, ahead of Friday’s meeting of the Building Ministers’ Forum.

head in hands statue

Governments have burnt up trust on cladding

The failure of all three tiers of government to deal with the problems associated with non-complying aluminium cladding has created a massive trust deficit amongst strata owners who’ve been left to pick up the tab for a problem of others’ creation.

It’s time to rethink non-conforming building products

Non-conforming building products (NCBPs) have permeated our building and construction industries for too long, thanks to a mix of regulatory complexity, governmental denial, poor policing and unclear accountability. Fresh approaches are sorely needed, writes John Power.

5 next generation technologies for low-carbon cooling

Robotic shading and smart facade materials that breathe could cool buildings by up to 5°C and reduce the need for airconditioning by 25 per cent, according to the Spain’s Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC).

Australian leadership: zero carbon cement possible in 10 years

Cement creates more carbon emissions than every car in the world combined, but Beyond Zero Emissions has cooked up a plan for Australia to lead the world with a zero carbon cement industry. And one that could help reverse job losses through the closure of coal plants.

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Would more people buy solar panels if they were green?

Green solar panels that blend in with nature; red solar panels on a terracotta roof; white solar hidden on a wall. Researchers have discovered a way to turn typically black and blue solar panels a shade of green, and potentially any colour imaginable.