Surfer's Paradise, Queensland

NABERS – the wrap and the new goals 

NABERS has a new vision for the future, with its new five-year strategy going live last week. A few experts offered their thoughts on the journey of the national rating tool so far and what they hope to see going forward.

construction waste

The construction industry needs a “Peak Embedded Carbon Day”

The construction industry’s canary in the mineshaft is its most visible flaw – waste. David Chandler suggests that a galvanising call to reduce its embedded carbon would modernise and lift its game.

Redfern’s new indigenous rooftop teaching communities about place

A new Indigenous-designed urban food production farm in Sydney’s inner city Redfern – believed to be the first of its kind in Australia – is a prototype that its creators hope will be replicated by other people, especially other Indigenous communities.

What Peter Dutton and the building industry need to know about housing for all

When Peter Dutton grabbed headlines last week claiming his Labor opponent in Dickson, Ali France, was using her disability as an excuse for not moving house ahead of the election, it showed a clear lack of awareness about the situation facing people who need accessible housing.