WorldGBC kicks off a materials transition

It’s like green buildings 2.0 as the building and construction industry shapes up for one of its most dramatic challenge yet – a transition to net zero embodied carbon emissions with a 2050 deadline.

A Danish view on circular construction

As resources become scarcer, building owners may one day be able to sell walls, ceilings and floors to other developers, instead of demolishing them.

Paul Crothers

Making buildings smart and creating the agile workplace

Across our cities we see more and more smart buildings, equipped with sophisticated technology to monitor almost every aspect of their environment, but not all buildings are operating smartly.

Australia’s construction industry must unite around a cohesive strategy

I recently attended a conference in the UK that discussed future trends affecting the global construction industry, and what struck me was the stark lack of consensus, clarity and strategy we have in Australia around the future of our construction and engineering industry, compared with many other countries.

Inner West Mayor Darcy Byrne at Marrickville Library

Hospital beds to book shelves: Designing the new Marrickville Library

You might not have picked it but an old hospital actually makes for a great library. The new Marrickville Library in the inner west of Sydney combines the old with the new in a way that leverages the best of existing assets while meeting the vast and varied needs of modern library-goers.

ikea warehouse Logistics concept

Logistics must be part of any circular economy strategies

The Victorian government is developing a circular economy policy and action plan for the state that will be released later, this year. But critics say the strategy is missing a…