NABERS has officially moved to the UK!

The super-successful building operational energy performance rating scheme pioneered in Australia has launched in the UK following 18 months of detailed trials to adapt it to the UK environment.

Biggest overhaul of Green Star since inception

It’s the biggest overhaul of Green Star since it started in  2003 – there’s a new scoring system, framework and a clearer pathway. And the big – and long awaited – news is the push to eliminate natural gas from construction and the requirement for buildings to be fossil fuel free and 100 per cent […]

Finally, evidence that NABERS works well in Oz…but what about the UK?

Carbon reduction in buildings is critical in responding to the climate emergency, and a new academic paper reflects on the success of the NABERS energy performance rating scheme and investigates whether or not it will find similar success overseas, especially in the UK, as it has in Australia. The paper, titled A new energy efficiency […]

Corporate net-zero targets established

Corporates are on notice. To achieve science based net zero targets their goals must align with warming of no more than 1.5°C and they must neutralise their impact of residual by removing an equivalent amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide. To ensure that net-zero targets in the corporate world translate into tangible actions, the Science Based […]

The time has come for regulations that drive net zero homes

It’s time that the National Construction Code and, in NSW, BASIX, be updated to drive the trajectory to net zero energy homes. An opportunity has arisen to make major improvements in the energy efficiency and renewable energy generation of new buildings, following recent consultations and current analysis for the next update of the National Construction […]

House hunters are rarely told the home energy rating – little wonder the average is as low as 1.8 stars

Most Australian homes have been built to notoriously poor standards. The energy performance of existing homes in Victoria, for instance, averages 1.8 stars – 6 stars is mandatory for newly built homes under the 10-star Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NaTHERS). Decision-makers typically fail to appreciate the importance of a low star rating, even though […]

Volume builders locked in and ready for to pilot Green Star for homes

Metricon, Rawson Homes and Stockland are among the home builders signed up to pilot the Green Building Council of Australia’s new Green Star rating tool for homes, currently out for consultation. Residential has long trailed other asset classes on sustainability, which is why homes are the “the next logical step” for the Green Star treatment. […]

The big winners in the NABERS portfolios index 2020

It’s only the second iteration of the NABERS Sustainable Portfolios Index but it’s seen a 48 per cent jump in participation since last year. There’s now 40 portfolios disclosing their energy and water performance, with overall energy use tracking downwards across the portfolios indexed last year. This year, CBUS Property topped the charts with the […]

Whole life value tool will help create net zero buildings in the UK

In the UK the government is accelerating development of a tool for public procurement to determine whole life value – including natural, social and net zero metrics – for the post-Covid emergency recovery. This, along with the need for a broad coalition in the construction industry around net zero buildings, was one of the revelations […]

Why energy efficient buildings should be a top climate policy priority

The UK needs a rating scheme like NABERS to bring down building energy use, writes Dr Peter Mallaburn, who was in Sydney last year to conduct a peer reviewed study of this rating tool. In a meeting with The Fifth Estate at the time he said some people believe Australia is 15 years ahead of the UK in energy efficiency.

Brush off your old CV, the NSW Building Commission is now hiring

NSW Building Commissioner David Chandler is looking to hire up to 60 professionals from the construction industry to work as building project auditors, as he fleshes out plans for a major overhaul of the state’s building industry.

How is your government agency performing on NABERS Energy?

Would you lease office space with a zero Star NABERS rating? We couldn’t help but wonder who would, when last week we spotted an office in the Brisbane Club Tower being offered for lease by Colliers in Brisbane with a zero NABERS rating.

NABERS cracks some of the thorniest sectors in 2018-19

EXCLUSIVE: It’s been a big year for NABERS, with shopping centres flocking to the environmental rating tool, indoor environment ratings on the rise, and an expansion into the UK.

Australia tops GRESB results for ninth year running

Australian property companies have dominated the 2019 GRESB results, cementing the big end of town as global leaders in real estate sustainability for the ninth year in a row.

How NABERS will transform the performance of UK office buildings

A scheme to create an investment grade rating that reflects buildings’ “performance in use” based on the Australian NABERS scheme is in development in the UK and hopes to bridge the “performance gap” between design and actual performance of office buildings. But a new report shows the UK lags 15 years behind Australia.

London calling: NABERS, actually

NABERS, the NSW born and nurtured environmental rating scheme that’s become the gold standard for green buildings in Australia will soon be launched in the UK, under the guidance of one of its original architects Dr Paul Bannister.

NABERS – the wrap and the new goals 

NABERS has a new vision for the future, with its new five-year strategy going live last week. A few experts offered their thoughts on the journey of the national rating tool so far and what they hope to see going forward.