How to bring the benefits of solar to renters

All-Energy Conference: A Sydney-based social enterprise has developed a model to unlock solar for renters in houses and apartments, providing access to much cheaper energy and, importantly, a return on investment for property owners.

Evolve joins the not-for-profit real estate agency patch

Community housing provider Evolve is the latest to launch a purpose-driven real estate agency, which will funnel its profits into more affordable housing and programs for disadvantaged individuals.

apartments against sky

Unpacking the Build to Rent portfolio

Build to Rent could become a strategically important contributor to the future housing landscape, helping renters to obtain secure, relatively affordable housing, while providing a stable, long-term investment. But the government needs to step up to make it an attractive proposition.

Sustainable House Day: our favourites

From tiny homes and clever conversions to renovations in progress and the latest in sustainable technologies, this Sunday’s Sustainable House Day has a raft of reasons to get out of your house and into someone else’s.