Choosing hot water systems for multi-unit residential

By Siân Willmott, GIW Environmental Solutions

2 April 2014 — There has been much confusion within the development industry between architects, services engineers, ESD consultants, other design consultants and planning authorities as to which hot water systems are most suitable for a development, particularly within the multi-unit residential sector.

Sustainability pays off for Australia’s Defence Department

By Willow Aliento

18 March 2014 — As an entity that will in all likelihood maintain management of the majority of its property in perpetuity, increasing market value or attractiveness to commercial tenants is not what drives the Australian Defence Department’s sustainability agenda.

Affordable housing: NRAS under attack

By Willow Aliento

13 March 2014 — Australia’s much lauded attempt to create its first affordable housing investment asset class has this week been unfairly lambasted, inaccurately and potentially along dangerous racist lines by national conservative newspaper The Australian. And already the National Rental Affordability Scheme has been placed in the firing lines.

NRAS under attack: Reactions & cuts to other housing programs revealed

By Willow Aliento

13 March 2014 — Reports on the NRAS stopped being produced and made available not long before the change in government.

Download the NRAS reports up until June 2013 here.

The submissions for round five of NRAS incentives closed on 5 August 2013. One month and two days later on 7 September, the Coalition was elected.

NRAS works but we need more, Greens say

By Willow Aliento

13 March 2014 — Senator Scott Ludlam, a strong champion of affordable housing issue in parliament, says the Greens have concerns about the National Rental Affordability Scheme, but that it is addressing a vital need.

New partnership approach tackles housing affordability crisis

By Willow Aliento

10 March 2014 — A new partnership between Investec, the South Australian Government and not-for-profit housing provider Community Housing Limited will use an innovative rent-then-buy model to deliver affordable housing for workers including teachers, nurses, police officers and hospitality staff.

CSIRO: Green housing cheaper to build and run

By Cameron Jewell

24 February 2014 — Energy efficient houses are cheaper to run and build, a CSIRO study into the effectiveness of increased energy efficiency standards for houses has found, challenging the fierce counter moves to greener housing from the building and housing lobbies.

Fifth edition of Your Home sustainability guide released

11 February 2014 — The fifth edition of Your Home, a consumer guide and technical manual for creating sustainable homes, has been released by the Department of Industry.

Your Home contains practical, comprehensive information on environmentally sustainable design and building to homeowners and the building industry, with the latest edition containing the latest research on sustainable design and technology.

Critique of BASIX review hits the mainstream

By Cameron Jewell

23 January 2014 — Housing experts have attacked negative media spin on NSW’s Building Sustainability Index rule revisions for housing standards. The article, published by Fairfax, argued that increases in capital expenditure caused by strengthening energy, water and thermal comfort targets would outweigh benefits.

More time for BASIX submissions

By Willow Aliento

15 January 2014 – They must have hit a nerve with the BASIX (Building Sustainability Index) Target Review with the New South Wales Government announcing an extension until February 14 for submissions on the proposed changes, due to the high level of interest from stakeholders.

Which homes will survive this bushfire season?

By Phillip Gibbons and Geoff Cary, ANU

6 January 2014 — From The Conversation: After the early onset of the 2013-14 bushfire season, it is worth reviewing which homes are more likely to be left standing when the fires inevitably return.