Tiny house movement becoming a bigger player

Big Tiny, Tiny Footprint, Tiny House2Go, Tiny Consulting, Tiny Go Lightly. The names are too cute to be true but according to Jan Stewart, cofounder of Tiny Non-profit, an advocacy group for tiny homes in Australia, there’s a small industry of tiny home builders springing up around Australia.

Melbourne houses

The case for upgrading Melbourne’s poor housing stock

The cost of upgrading Melbourne’s poor-performing homes from 1.5 star NatHERS to four stars could be paid off in energy savings in nine years, according to new research from the University of Melbourne, while a six-star upgrade would take 14 years.

Reserve bank of Australia

RBA should stay out of zoning issues

OPINION: Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia Philip Lowe might be good at his job but he was told in no uncertain terms recently to stay out of global trade issues after he suggested that the world should not retaliate against the US imposition of steel tariffs.