energy poverty

Why energy poverty is something we have to urgently end

Energy poverty is a big problem in Australia, with low income households typically living in lower quality housing with poor insulation, heating and cooling.

Residential laws

Residential laws in Victoria up for change, but not enough

Victoria’s long-awaited residential tenancy reforms hit the table in the state parliament’s lower house this week. But while Premier Daniel Andrews said the reforms would be the biggest change to the state’s residential tenancy in 20 years, missing in action was any requirement for minimum energy standards and thermal comfort.

National Forum on Low Carbon Housing for Low Income Households speakers

Tackling the conundrum of low-carbon, low-income housing

Comfortable, affordable and low-carbon housing is possible, but according to experts at Wednesday’s National Forum on Low Carbon Housing for Low Income Households, there are multiple challenges that need tackling to get there.

Björn Öberg affordable housing housing crisis

On why we must continue to be vocal on affordable housing

News from the front desk – Issue No 398: “Affordable, safe and sustainable” are three words we hear tossed about a lot in the housing discussion. But it’s hard not to sound like the kid in the backseat asking, “Are we there yet? How long till we get there?”

End of NRAS means even less affordable housing

NRAS, the National Rental Affordability Scheme, was meant to assist the housing affordability crisis. Trouble was it had a beginning and an end, with the end coming way too soon for too many.