Wales adopts super-insulated, timber design for social housing

HOUSING INNOVATION: New housing designs in Wales use locally grown timber frames and cladding, together with high levels of insulation made from recycled newspaper – a combination that locks up atmospheric carbon in the building form.

Sustainable homes pay dividends in health, jobs and growth

When you think of an unhealthy house, what comes to mind? Mould, damp, leaks, dark and dingy spaces with poor airflow. You are a product of the home where you live; just ask an asthmatic living in a mouldy or poorly ventilated home.

Where to buy property for the climate emergency

Browsing glossy property marketing and getting excited about en suites might be fun but serious investors and home buyers should consider one more thing when deciding what and where to buy: the climate emergency.

Planning for fire safety in the ACT

The Green Star rated Ginninderry community in the ACT is taking a suburb-wide approach to planning for fire. The development will be something of a living laboratory, with developer Riverview Projects signing a Collaborative Arrangement Agreement with CSIRO. CSIRO Bushfire Urban Design research leader Justin Leonard will be part of the research team, which also […]

How to design your house for fire resistance and sustainability

If anyone is any doubt this is a climate emergency, last week’s announcement by the NSW Rural Fire Service that bushfire season has been declared two months ahead of the usual date should sound the alarm bell.

Australia has opened the door to higher performing homes, at lower cost

In the midst of agreements on national reforms to address the cladding crisis and improve the fire and structural safety of buildings, decision makers at the recent Building Ministers’ Forum also reached another significant milestone  – one that could set Australian homes on a path towards lower energy bills, reduced strain on the electricity network and fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Tightening the divide between populism and public housing

The aftermath of the latest federal election result has evidently revealed one thing about our society, being the worldwide trend toward “populism” and its drifting distance away from progressive ideals and policy.

Apartment living for families – how to get it right

Density, when done right and in moderation, might be most sustainable way to live. But for many, the suburbs are still the best place to raise a family. So what’s it like for a family living in an apartment?

Sustainable homes make us healthy, wealthy and green

For the market for sustainable homes to continue to grow we need to use language that resonates with consumers, such as “comfortable”, “healthy”, and “affordable”.

New collaborative housing guide for old, young… and anyone really

A new guide helps people organise a collaborative housing project, helping people navigate everything from development approvals and parking to community perceptions of boarding houses and breaking down the finance barriers. Sharing living space is a good way to tread lighter on the planet, forge stronger relationships with others and save money. But collaborative housing […]

Time’s up – we need good affordable housing

There’s been a deafening silence on affordable housing and homelessness from the Morrison government.  There’s a minister with the word “homelessness” in his job title, but the homelessness advocacy sector is still waiting to hear anything. National Shelter has written several times to Luke Howarth, assistant minister for Community Housing, Homelessness and Community Services, but […]

Half of NSW’s coastal dwellers don’t think sea level rise will impact them directly

Brief: Only half of the people living on the coastline in NSW believe that sea level rise will impact them directly according to new research from the University of New South Wales.  As many as 25 per cent of coastal accommodation businesses don’t know or are unsure if sea levels are rising at all. UNSW researchers […]

What Peter Dutton and the building industry need to know about housing for all

When Peter Dutton grabbed headlines last week claiming his Labor opponent in Dickson, Ali France, was using her disability as an excuse for not moving house ahead of the election, it showed a clear lack of awareness about the situation facing people who need accessible housing.

3D printed homes at scale one step closer to reality

The Netherlands could soon house what’s touted as the world’s first commercial 3D printed housing project. And might complex construction such as vaulted ceilings or curved walls soon be printed off site on a concrete 3D concrete printer?