Concrete a key component of Australia’s first Passive House apartment building

Sustainability architects have for many years specified concrete for its thermal qualities, and it’s clearly an essential part of construction – especially in mid to high rise buildings and infrastructure. In recent times it’s attracted the attention of the Passive House movement.

How cool is cool when it’s natural? National Energy Efficiency Council

Given that the most energy efficient building is one that uses no energy at all, then the star studded Naturally Cool session at the National Energy Efficiency Conference, looks like it just might create new aspirational thinking in “cool” for buildings – in both senses of the word.

The Visible City: new voices in urban renewal 5-25 November

How can Canberra’s contemporary urban renewal efforts make visible our city’s distinctive design identity, inclusive processes and the hopes and dreams of our community?

If you want recognition and other benefits, enter the Victorian Premier’s Sustainability Awards

It’s a “night of nights” for sustainability in Victoria when the winners of the Victorian Premier’s Sustainability Awards are announced. As the stature of the Awards has grown, so have the benefits for winners and finalists alike. There are some unexpected benefits for Victoria’s sustainability champions looking to boost their profile through the Premier’s Sustainability […]

Combining data streams for better building performance – an ARBS 2018 highlight

Data, smart buildings and energy management are three of the mega-trends front of mind in the property sector. However, as Optergy Australasian channel manager Nicholas Heydon explains, while they can be integrated, building systems and building data tend to exist in independent silos.

The trends changing the face of facilities management

Smart cities, changing workplace design, new international standards, sustainability and improved waste management are changing the face of the facilities management sector, and how facility managers do their job.

Why regional sourcing makes sense for building projects

When it comes to sourcing materials for a building project, thinking local can have huge benefits, including sustainability wins, greater transparency around compliance and enhanced financial flexibility.

Ecosave growth goals surpassed as energy prices escalate

In just one year Ecosave has surpassed its own growth goals in the vast energy efficiency market unfolding at the upper end of the institutional and manufacturing property portfolios, thanks to fiercely rising prices in the sector.

CitySwitch winners lead national change

Sustainability means being a warrior standing up for a better future, according to CitySwitch national program manager Esther Bailey, speaking at this week’s National CitySwitch Awards in Sydney.

Charge up for All-Energy Australia 2017

All-Energy Australia is back for its ninth year, with more than 120 speakers, more than 120 domestic and international exhibitors, and the launch of new program streams, making the event one of the world’s most significant platforms for the clean and renewable energy industry.

The facts on fire risk and exposed insulation in industrial buildings

For many developers of industrial sheds, warehouses and other no-frills properties, adding extra internal linings beyond what the building code requires is not a priority. According to an independent technical report undertaken by professional fire engineer Benjamin Hughes-Brown from Ignis Solutions, for many of these buildings exposed insulation on internal walls and ceilings counts as […]

Designing the hospitals of tomorrow means new masterplan thinking

Hospital design and planning processes are going through a major revolution led by the many technological advances and the digitalisation of the Healthcare industry, according to WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff Technical Director, Roneel Singh. A hospital’s spatial design requires entirely new thinking at masterplanning to accommodate today and future technological advances. There is a need […]

How the rating tools for infrastructure stack up

Institutional investors should look for robust reporting of environmental, social and governance performance when considering investing in infrastructure, according to a new discussion paper released by WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff.

Prefab and timber: the great green convergence

The market’s growing appetite for lightweight and massive timber building systems is creating a solid pathway to achieving more sustainable buildings.

How wood is good for creating healthier buildings

According to a growing swathe of research, timber used as a material for interiors and furnishings can enhance human wellbeing and contribute to improved indoor environment quality, from maintaining a sense of warmth in winter to absorbing moisture and enhancing our ability to think. Wood works on multiple levels, director of the Centre for Sustainable […]