Infrastructure conference signals a new era for ISCA

Silos are starting to dissolve in the infrastructure sector and whole-of-life thinking is going mainstream, according to chief executive of the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia, Antony Sprigg, ahead of the council’s 25 October conference in Sydney. The “What IS Next?” conference, Sustainability in Infrastructure Awards and Festival of Infrastructure side-events around the new iteration […]

Schneider Electric innovates to lower cost of smart buildings

Energy solution providers are racing to take advantage of the development of the Internet of Things to create solutions for businesses and consumers to manage energy use and increase energy efficiency, according to Schneider Electric.

Australia still has a way to go to improve sustainability: Arcadis

A Sustainable Cities Index released this week by global design and consultancy firm Arcadis shows that long-term planning is crucial, with Canberra ranked as more sustainable than Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

There’s a message in the stars – how ratings systems and lifecycle tools treat timber

While the many benefits of timber products are recognised in a range of ways by rating tools and analysis, there will always be room for improvement. Some systems take a holistic view of timber, considering aesthetics, social benefits and carbon sequestration, while others focus only on its environmental impact as a material. One thing all […]

How Aussies are getting to know timber, up close and personal on WoodSolutions European tours

Embracing timber as a material for major projects has been a challenge when there are so few Australian examples to use for reference. Looking overseas, however, has given designers, project managers, engineers and builders inspiration to really push the low-carbon envelope, according to Andrew Dunn, chief executive of the Timber Development Association.

How advanced insulation can deliver market advantages for developers

Breaking with convention in construction systems can be financially rewarding for developers. In wall assemblies, for instance, research by Currie & Brown Australia and Sweett Group UK on behalf of Kingspan Insulation found that using an advanced slimline insulation product in new non-residential buildings could deliver a return on investment (ROI) of up to 856 […]

Alternative approaches to insulation and fire protection

Fire rating of building products including insulation has been making headlines lately but, according to experts, simply focusing on picking non-combustible products is not the only – or even perhaps the best – solution.

Why enter the Victorian Premier’s Sustainability Awards?

The 2016 Victorian Premier’s Sustainability Awards are now open for entries – finalists and winners can look forward to a chance to promote their achievements in sustainability and help to influence others.

Thinking city scale about urban greening

Around the world, there are some outstanding examples of approaches to urban greening that Australian planners, policy-makers and developers can draw inspiration from. Singapore is probably one of the best-known, best practice examples of urban greening, with its five-decade long approach to evolving the urban area into a “city in a garden”.

Why greening is important for public health

The ways in which urban greening can improve our health are numerous – including encouraging people to get out and walk or ride a bike. They are simply more likely to do so when the streets are shaded by trees, according to Link Place director and former Major Cities Unit director Sara Stace.

Getting green in the ground – and on the roofs and walls

While consulting arborists and tree growers are finding their industry is expanding, Stephen Fitzgerald, Director of Arboriculture Pty Ltd, says there is still some way to go in terms of planning, architecture and even engineering treating trees as a normal part of the built environment.

Naturally hard-working infrastructure

There are multiple urban ecosystem services and built environment benefits provided by vegetation, particularly when it can replace or reduce investments in traditional infrastructure such as storm water systems.

Why green infrastructure should be on any urban assets register

The combination of one of the strongest El Nino events on record and 2015 breaking all records for hot temperatures are among the factors strengthening the case for investments in green infrastructure.

What’s behind the green shift in retail?

Sponsored content: The most striking trend from this year’s NABERS Annual Report was the sharp increase in Energy and Water ratings for shopping centres.

Advertisement: Why entering the Victorian Premier’s Sustainability Awards can be good for business

»Sponsored Content» Anyone can claim to be an eco-leader, but for companies, organisations and individuals that become winners of the Premier’s Sustainability Awards, the recognition is proof positive they are ahead of the game. Entries are now open for the 2015 awards, and according to Sustainability Victoria chief executive, Stan Krpan, there are major advantages for […]