St Andrew’s

Green learning starts early for Aussie kids

Bringing up the next crop of sustainability warriors is a passion for Sue Nicholls, a teacher at St Andrew’s Kindergarten in Sydney’s Abbotsford.

driverless cars

Driverless cars: benefit to humanity or road to an Orwellian dystopia?

Understanding where driverless cars are taking us – in terms of physical safety, governance models and unintended consequences – is still in its infancy. In this article David Wilson, a planning professional part-way through a PhD doctoral thesis on the topic, provides a helicopter view of what’s coming.

mangroves Moreton bay

We need to talk about mangroves, offsets and Walker Corp

SPECIAL REPORT: The Walker Corporation has come under the spotlight for its masterplan at Toondah Harbour redevelopment on Brisbane’s Moreton Bay that encroaches on mangroves protected under the Moreton Bay Ramsar Wetland. So how important are mangroves?

PFAS chemicals contamination

PFAS contamination problem could affect virtually any construction site

The Department of Defence is being dragged over the coals for its handling of the PFAS contamination crisis, but the problem is emerging at more sites such as airports and fire stations. And, according to experts, it could be a problem for “virtually any property development or construction project”.

mental health tree-nature-grass-branch-plant

How urban greening is helping our mental health

With National Tree Day coming up on Sunday 29 July, new research on how urban greenery can help mental health shows why it might be a good idea to get out there and plant a tree.