Bushfire rebuild: to rise from the ashes – or not?

OXYGEN FILES: Yes, some of the communities devasted by bushfires are in high-risk zones but that’s no reason to not rebuild. We didn’t stop flying, driving or swimming because they are risky, “Instead we manage the risk through the most effective tools available; education, innovation, safety systems, warning systems, engineering, regulation.”

climate protest

Our trade talks with Europe and Britain are set to become climate talks

Climate change is set to become an inescapable part of negotiations now underway over an Australia-European Union free trade agreement, and also negotiations over the Australia-UK agreement necessitated by Britain’s exit from the European Union.

Facing the fires – a personal experience

As the fires were still raging in the NSW south coast architect and urbanist Don Albert had first-hand view of two shattered communities when he heeded the invitation to tourists to come to the area.

Are your carbon offsets really reducing emissions?

Many Australian businesses, often driven by shareholder or investor expectations, are setting voluntary emission reduction targets or entering voluntary programs.

Darwin’s ‘smart city’ project is about surveillance and control

Darwin City Council installed a network of hundreds of new devices across the centre of the city last year. This web of “smart” lights, environmental sensors and video cameras is designed to give the council more power to monitor and manage urban places – and the people who occupy them.

six rainwater tanks

Australia’s iconic water tank making waves as an urban favourite

There’s something deeply iconic about the galvanised water tank in Australian architecture. It’s a practical response to the need to save water, and at the same time a symbol of a growing sensitivity to the need for a more sustainable way of life.

What we can learn about community resilience

Communities in Australia and California share connected experiences as they face climate-related threats, especially fire.  Different continents, connected climates, same challenges. Here are view from two people who had close…

indigenous cultural burning

Listen to the original land managers to learn about fire, country and community

OXYGEN FILES: Amidst the smoke and fury of this summer’s bushfire catastrophe, there is a positive note – the growing recognition of the value of Aboriginal fire and landscape management practices. Key among the listeners is the artistic haven of the Bundanon Trust at Shoalhaven south of Sydney, which has embraced indigenous fire practices not long before it was threatened by fire early this month.