smart cities

How smart cities are about to rock our world

What’s the connection between smart cities and sustainability? How about cleaner water, zero waste, smart transport, better engagement with communities and building resilience? Is that a good start?


Fast charge for EVs opens up the highway Melbourne to Sydney

Interstate road trippers will soon be able to drive electric vehicles between Australia’s major cities worry-free, with Australian start up Chargefox rolling out the nation’s first “ultra-rapid” charging network for EVs.

Manly, Sydney transport

Our transport choices are about more than keeping Sydney moving

As Sydney continues to grapple with the ever-growing economic, environmental and social costs of its congestion, it is plain to see that Sydney’s historically car-based mobility preferences cannot continue in a city of 8 million people in the future.

Sydney traffic transport

Sydney’s transport planning fundamentally flawed

A highly experienced transport specialist who worked under several state government regimes claims that NSW’s troubled road and rail infrastructure planning is fundamentally flawed. 

Alan tudge population

Alan Tudge: on congestion, infrastructure and population

Newly appointed minister for cities Alan Tudge on 9 October in Melbourne delivered a view of the challenges of Australian cities driven largely by rapid population growth, and some of…

what's the buzz about native bees

Why there’s a buzz about our native bees

Australia has not so far had the Varroa Mite that’s been decimating bee populations establish itself in our European honeybee colonies, however, according to pollinator expert Professor James Cook, it may only be a matter of time.

+ POOL New York advertising

Impact branding for the urbanising century

Global media and advertising come with a huge environmental footprint. But imagine a world in which brand communications, in right hands and under strong thinking, can become a regenerative force for cities.