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Engineers ready to miss out on projects as they join the Declare movement

Engineers have joined a growing movement to declare a climate emergency. But what does this mean in practice? According to early signatories such as Arup and Inhabit Group, it means a commitment to change the way engineers do business. It could also mean losing clients.

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Why our HVAC and buildings can’t always keep us safe

OXYGEN FILES: In recent weeks, air quality in Sydney and Brisbane, and in many regional areas, has ranged from bad to extremely hazardous because of bushfire smoke. With health experts telling people to stay indoors because no amount of exposure to the smoke is safe, a deeper issue is emerging: most of our buildings can’t block the pollution.

Abdul Khan, ASK Property Consultants

The inclusive apartments of the future need visionary backers

Tomorrowland19 – I, human: Property consultant Abdul Khan told Tomorrowland19 about plans for a new style of sustainable housing, with apartments to suit everyone from youth with disabilities to retirees looking to downsize. But will politicians and developers back this vision?

How to drive successful communities

Tomorrowland19 – I, human: Creating sustainable, liveable communities is no cake walk, but some of the key visionaries in the public sector are using ambitious targets, planning controls and a big dose of grit and determination to make the impossible possible.

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How to slash water use in high-rise buildings by 80 per cent

Water scarcity is a serious issue for densely populated cities, especially in Australia. Fortunately, technology can help us reduce huge amounts of water in our buildings, with the good old vacuum toilet leading the way.

The jobs transition out of coal in Western Australia

What’s the future for coalminers? Thanks to some deep dive work from Beyond Zero Emissions and collaboration with unions, the prospects are quite positive. Check out the Western Australian coal mining town of Collie, for instance.

Why Uber is bad for cities

App-based hire ride taxi services like Uber and Lyft have added millions of miles travelled – and therefore air pollution, congestion, and millions of tonnes extra greenhouse gas emissions – and pulled riders away from public transport in cities wherever they operate, new research shows.

PIA state award winners from around the country

It has been a busy few weeks for the Planning Institute of Australia as the state and territory Awards for Planning Excellence have been announced around the country.