On why the V shaped recovery in sustainability is coming fast

News from the Front Desk, Issue 498: John Hewson former Liberal leader is starting to change his tune on climate change: he’s becoming more optimistic. Christiana Figueres, the global climate powerhouse of negotiation, agrees. And so does business. South Pole, a global company that offsets carbon for corporates and consults on sustainability and climate to […]

We need 3 things to deal with coastal erosion

In these stormy days, one is reminded of Charles Dudley Warner’s quip: “Everyone complains about the weather, but no one does anything about it”. This past week, much to the exasperation of Wamberal residents as they forfeit a good slice of their back yards, we remain confused about what to do and who should do […]

Australia: an emissions superpower

The not-my-problem attitude to fossil fuel exports in Australia is making the country a major contributor to global climate change. Here’s why supply– not just demand – ought to be the target of climate action.

Breathing space and life after climate change

Life in the civilised lane is rule-bound and consumption-driven to the point that it is not unusual for our heartfelt aspirations to run contrary to the promise of modern living. Not only has the fundamental concept of sustainability become difficult to envisage, but modern-day sustainability seems unable to prevent the social destruction of communities through […]

In the eye of the storm, great things are possible

Recovery investment in green infrastructure, education and training, R+D into clean tech and agriculture, and real investment into renewable energy would certainly herald a new policy position on action on climate change. It would assist the economic recovery, and demonstrate a willingness to make smart decisions in the eye of the storm. The Covid-19 emergency […]

COVID-19’s extraordinary opportunities are on offer

In the short term, the COVID-19 pandemic has stalled the climate action momentum that was growing in Australia following the disastrous 2019/20 bushfire season. In the medium to long term, the pandemic and our response to it may yet prove a watershed for climate action. The pandemic has, of course, delivered an enormous hit to […]

Now’s the time to recalibrate to a low carbon future

Once we’ve recalibrated our lives, with a heightened awareness of health and our environment, the low carbon economy will be the practical option writes Mark Thomson from Eco Effective Solutions.

Your guide to low carbon lingo

EXPLAINER: From property portfolios and home builders to multinational corporations and governments, commitments to get a grip on carbon emissions are multiplying. But the plethora of terms can get a little confusing, for example, is net positive the same as carbon negative?

OK Gen X (and where the bloody hell are you?)

The most critically important place to do something is the workplace. Workplaces are the new village. They are one of the few institutions we still trust. And it’s time to look at Gen X for action.

Our trade talks with Europe and Britain are set to become climate talks

Climate change is set to become an inescapable part of negotiations now underway over an Australia-European Union free trade agreement, and also negotiations over the Australia-UK agreement necessitated by Britain’s exit from the European Union.

What we can learn about community resilience

Communities in Australia and California share connected experiences as they face climate-related threats, especially fire.  Different continents, connected climates, same challenges. Here are view from two people who had close contact with recent fires in California and Australia. Richard Mullane: As an Australian living in California, it’s heartbreaking to watch the devastating bushfires from afar. […]

Australia’s survival depends on shifting climate policy

It has been a summer like no other. We have seen loss of life and unprecedented destruction across NSW and much of the rest of the country. Australia has been the hottest place on the planet and Sydney’s air quality has at times ranked as the worst in the world. Climate change is unfolding before our eyes.

Our office will open 13 January 2020 – meanwhile, dig deep and help those affected by fire

Following is a list of sites where you can donate to the bushfires appeal, listed on the ABC website Donate to charities that support bushfire affected communities Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery Salvation Army Disaster Appeal Vinnies NSW Bushfire Appeal Vinnies SA Bushfire Appeal Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund Donate […]

Smoke signals from the climate emergency

The smoke alarms going off across Sydney last week are a symptom of a much larger malaise: our communities and buildings are not prepared for the climate emergency. From HVAC systems and building quality through to workplace health and resourcing for organisations and workers on the frontlines of the drought and the fires, urgent action is needed to improve resilience.

Engineers ready to miss out on projects as they join the Declare movement

Engineers have joined a growing movement to declare a climate emergency. But what does this mean in practice? According to early signatories such as Arup and Inhabit Group, it means a commitment to change the way engineers do business. It could also mean losing clients.