Why Bill Gates can’t save the world

OPINION: Why don’t these billionaire philanthropists like Gates just stop their foundations and pay their fair share of taxes The media everywhere has been fawning over Bill Gates and his new book, How To Avoid A Climate Disaster. But should we really be listening to the world’s third wealthiest man for advice? If his suggestions […]

Planners Declare aim to embolden better outcomes from the get go

Last year wasn’t an easy time to start a national “Declare” movement but that didn’t stop a small group of dedicated planners joining forces to declare a climate and biodiversity emergency. The group of about 15 planners has spent the past year coordinating the movement via video conference, with the most pressing task developing an […]

Exposing a brotherhood of BS

Praise for investigative journalists like Marian Wilkinson who have a way of joining the dots without taking detours in diplomacy.

Gardening for ourselves and Earth

A couple of years ago I decided to leave Sydney and find refuge in a remote valley from what’s coming. This is the story of that failed escape and the refuge I find in gardening, still living in the city.

When the birds stop singing and the roads begin to melt

Australia’s summer officially begins on December 1, but climate change observes no calendar. And even as another summer is almost upon us, memories of last summer’s ferocious fires still linger on the minds of those devastated by all manner of loss. For weeks on end, the residents of many towns and cities not directly threatened were […]

Two-thirds of Australian suburbs at risk of extreme heat effects due to lack of trees

The lack of trees in around two-thirds of Australian suburbs is intensifying extreme heat effects, which could make these cities almost unliveable in the coming years according to new report. The new RMIT and Greener Spaces Better Places Where Will All the Trees Be? report aims to understand to what extent urban density, population growth, […]

The truth about emissions targets

Make no mistake, as groups of countries form a pact and commit to a target year for net-zero emissions they will increasingly discriminate against freeloading countries like Australia by imposing penalties.  Over the past two weeks, our PM Scott Morison has repeatedly declared that our policies on GHG emissions won’t be set in any part […]

Mike Cannon-Brookes & Co back Climate Change Bill legislating net zero target re-introduced to parliament this week

A bill that would legislate a net zero emissions target for Australia by 2050 was re-introduced to parliament on Monday with the backing of more than 100 organisations,  including Unilever, Atlassian and the Clean Energy Council – and the support of over 92,240 signatures.  First announced in February, independent MP Zali Steggall’s Climate Change Bill […]

We need slower thinking on climate change?

It’s called co-design in the academic world – where you build the research with community partners. And we know that it’s the most powerful form of creating a pathway to new knowledge. “You go slower, but you produce new ideas.” Australia has been in panic mode on climate for a decade, and has gone backwards, […]

We need 3 things to deal with coastal erosion

In these stormy days, one is reminded of Charles Dudley Warner’s quip: “Everyone complains about the weather, but no one does anything about it”. This past week, much to the exasperation of Wamberal residents as they forfeit a good slice of their back yards, we remain confused about what to do and who should do […]

Australia: an emissions superpower

The not-my-problem attitude to fossil fuel exports in Australia is making the country a major contributor to global climate change. Here’s why supply– not just demand – ought to be the target of climate action.

Breathing space and life after climate change

Life in the civilised lane is rule-bound and consumption-driven to the point that it is not unusual for our heartfelt aspirations to run contrary to the promise of modern living. Not only has the fundamental concept of sustainability become difficult to envisage, but modern-day sustainability seems unable to prevent the social destruction of communities through […]

In the eye of the storm, great things are possible

Recovery investment in green infrastructure, education and training, R+D into clean tech and agriculture, and real investment into renewable energy would certainly herald a new policy position on action on climate change. It would assist the economic recovery, and demonstrate a willingness to make smart decisions in the eye of the storm. The Covid-19 emergency […]

COVID-19’s extraordinary opportunities are on offer

In the short term, the COVID-19 pandemic has stalled the climate action momentum that was growing in Australia following the disastrous 2019/20 bushfire season. In the medium to long term, the pandemic and our response to it may yet prove a watershed for climate action. The pandemic has, of course, delivered an enormous hit to […]

Now’s the time to recalibrate to a low carbon future

Once we’ve recalibrated our lives, with a heightened awareness of health and our environment, the low carbon economy will be the practical option writes Mark Thomson from Eco Effective Solutions.