Climate Change

Geoengineering climate change

China eyes sun-blocking tech as its climate change Plan B

The search for climate-change hacks is ramping up across the world as the window to reduce greenhouse gas emissions narrows, with scientists in China experimenting with new ways of blocking out the sun.

When the rains stop

BATHURST BURR: At Picton, near the NSW coast at the prize-winning Country Valley Dairy, about 350 kilometres to the east of Jemalong and 60 km west from Sydney, fifth-generation farmer John Fairley has not had good rain since July 2017.

Rest super fund

Has the world reached peak ecological footprint?

Humanity’s ecological footprint may have levelled off after decades of consistent increase, according to new data released last week by the Global Footprint Network.

Arid cities risk becoming uninhabitable unless we think smart

Water scarcity, extreme temperatures, urban heat islands and inadequate infrastructure threaten the viability of many of the world’s arid cities, according to a new report that argues their design needs a major rethink.

renewable energy Photo by Jonny Clow on Unsplash

Government lauds “effective” climate policies as emissions head up

The federal government’s just-released Review of Climate Change Policies asserts that Australia is “on track” to meet its Paris Agreement target, despite the simultaneous release of data showing Australia’s emissions grew by 0.7 per cent over the last financial year.