Emergency, emergency. What are we waiting for?

There are way too many similarities between Califoria and Australia when it comes to fire risk. In the US, more than 12.7 million homes were built in the high-risk wild lands-urban interface in the 20 years to 2010 . In 2011, Australia had 3.3 million people in similar outer metropolitan fringe areas – by 2021, that will rise to about 4.5 million people

On how to win: ask these three women

If you want to know how to lead a strong campaign on climate and sustainability ask the three women who fronted the C40 Women4Climate panel at a Sydney Town Hall dinner the other night, in a room full of women either already making a huge impact or well on the way.

The two ‘morrows of Tomorrowland

I don’t know about you, but after working in sustainability for 12 years, I have never been more hopeful nor more terrified of what the future could bring.

On creative accounting and why it’s always worth looking under the hood

Think we’re running out of time to save the world from catastrophic warming? Well, it seems much of the corporate world might have given up on the tight timeline needed to meet the Paris Agreement to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees above preindustrial levels.

Climate crisis – what’s it good for?

In the No 1 Motown hit song War, Edwin Starr asserts that war is good for “absolutely nothing”. So too could this be said of climate change. Yet, while the evidence has been widely published and publicised, it is only recently that the frustration with the lack of international political commitment to reducing greenhouse gas […]

On why we’re all activists now

News from the front desk 454:  What’s an activist? An activist might be a young schoolkid, sure. And because of this the climate “strike” attracted the ire of political leaders, strangely irked by the power of these children to make the world pay attention. One child in particular, Greta Thunberg, at just 16 years of […]

Sendle’s message to Aussie Post

Brief: Sustainable packaging company Sendle and ethical marketing firm Republic of Everyone have teamed up in a cheeky campaign challenging Australia Post to go carbon neutral.

Surprising findings from Climate of the Nation report

Almost three quarters of Queenslanders agree coal-fired power stations should be phased out either as soon as possible or gradually, according to the Australia Institute’s 2019 Climate of the Nation report.

Australian military unprepared for likely climate change conflicts

Brief: The Australian Defence Force is worried about climate refugees and climate change related conflict according to briefing notes from last year obtained by the ABC under Freedom of Information. The military predicts it also may have to increase patrols in the northern seas to deal with sea-level rise migration in the Indo-Pacific. Former Defence […]

Sixty per cent lower power bills by 2060 is possible

Brief: A “slow decline” by 2060 is what will happen in Australia under new CSIRO modelling showing what will happen to the country if economic, social and environmental challenges are ignored. The Australian National Outlook compares this scenario to one in which these challenges are tackled head on. This scenario results in power bills potentially […]

Actuaries blowing the whistle on climate change risk

Actuaries are the serious number crunchers who measure risk and that insurers rely on to keep ahead of the curve. They’re saying climate change is now a serious risk on property.

RBA warns we need urgent climate action

The Reserve Bank of Australia Guy Debelle on Tuesday launched an urgent call to action on climate change. On the eve of two elections, as the entire country seems to be falling into agreement on climate, the RBA has weighed in with the powerful argument that climate change threatens economic stability. Here is the full […]

Startups work on climate solutions in The Netherlands

An Australian startup that collects data from green spaces to see how urban environments react to climate impacts has been selected for the Arcadis accelerator program in the Netherlands.