Polyamorous marriage? It’s a must for sustainable cities

We need multi-partnered relationships of trust and collaboration – equal to the very best marriages – to achieve the outperformance that will give us a sustainable built environment.

Five ways cities can step up on climate change

New leaders are emerging to meet the climate challenge. Cities and towns in Australia and across the world are taking charge of their future and moving swiftly to reduce their climate impact and secure a clean energy future for their residents.

On ambitions big, very big and indifferent

It’s exciting this week to bring you a special report that proves that sustainability and green investment is the winning track to be on.

Time to talk about saving humanity, not just the planet

Maybe it’s time to have a serious conversation on how to save humanity from the negative impacts of climate change rather than sticking with the old “save the planet” rhetoric, writes Anil Bhatta from Carbon & Clean Energy Solutions. The recent IPCC report 2018 has confirmed that human activities have already caused 1°C of global warming […]

Australia is out on a limb, warns global business leader

Australia is in danger “floating away in a direction no one else is going” on climate change, warned Dutch businessman and president of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development Peter Bakker.

Bill Gates on tackling 100 per cent of climate change

IN BRIEF: This week Bill Gates reminded us that electricity generation is not the only contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, electricity is responsible for only 25 per cent of all emissions each year. The other 75 per cent falls into four other major categories: agriculture (24 per cent), manufacturing (21 per cent), […]

Is the first wave of climate migrants landing in Hobart?

Anecdotal evidence is stacking up to suggest that people are migrating to places they think will offer some refuge from climate change, such as Hobart. And it may no longer be only disgruntled climate change scientists, frustrated that their doomsday forecasts are being ignored.

Cities adapting to climate change: Penrith plans ahead to beat the heat

Penrith in Western Sydney is feeling the heat of climate change and the urban heat island effect. But Penrith City Council is already reducing climate change impacts and driving down the carbon emissions that contribute to global warming.

Mat Santamouris: time to make buildings heat-safe. Now.

As extreme heat comes our way and threatens to impact on our buildings, it’s time to acknowledge that the quality Australian buildings is not on a par with other parts of the world.

REST super fund faces legal action for silence on climate change

IN BRIEF : REST super fund is facing legal action from a 23-year old Queenslander for not providing any information on how it would mitigate climate change. Super funds are legally required to disclose information for members to make decisions about their investments. However, its unknown if these laws cover strategies to deal with climate […]

Suburb “Cool Scores” key to solving Sydney’s heatwave woes

Relief from the blistering summer heat has been flagged as a top priority in a new plan aimed at shoring up Sydney’s resilience to a range of threats such as climate change, congestion and housing affordability.

China eyes sun-blocking tech as its climate change Plan B

The search for climate-change hacks is ramping up across the world as the window to reduce greenhouse gas emissions narrows, with scientists in China experimenting with new ways of blocking out the sun.

When the rains stop

BATHURST BURR: At Picton, near the NSW coast at the prize-winning Country Valley Dairy, about 350 kilometres to the east of Jemalong and 60 km west from Sydney, fifth-generation farmer John Fairley has not had good rain since July 2017.

ACT joins world leaders on net zero and moves to enable gas-free suburbs

The ACT government has cemented its leadership position, announcing it is bringing forward its net zero emissions target from 2050 to 2045. It this month also proposed draft amendments to its Territory Plan to allow for a trial of gas-free suburbs.