Researchers pull CO2 from sky and turn it into fuel

Atmospheric carbon dioxide has hit 410 parts per million, but a Canadian company founded by a Harvard University physicist says it has developed the technology to start cost-effectively pulling it from the sky.

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Bob Brown: the next big battle for Tasmania is The Tarkine

It’s World Environment Day on 5 June and 35 years after leading the fight to save the Franklin River in Tasmania and starting the most successful alternative political party in its wake, The Greens, Bob Brown reckons we’ve got another big environmental fight on our hands in Tasmania to save The Tarkine/takayna wilderness.

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Moving beyond green: towards regenerative development

We are at a critical point in human history where there is a pressing need for a new development paradigm.

Goulburn abattoir switches to biogas

You may not like what they do, particularly if you’re a vegetarian, but at least one of them is now doing it sustainably. That’s the case for an abattoir at Goulburn south west of Sydney that is now powering its operation from biogas sourced from its effluent. 

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Natural swimming pool business is booming

Natural Swimming Pools, which builds chemical-free swimming pools, is so busy that it’s booked till the end of the year, says Annika Kvist, who runs and owns the Melbourne-based business together with partner Wayne Zwar and their son.

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Australia’s off the charts on meat emissions

Greenhouse emissions from Australian diets are 200 per cent higher than those of a typical high-income country, new research has found, with the blame placed on our meat-heavy diets.