Selling swimmability to spark the urban river clean ups

Selling swimmability to spark urban river clean ups

Not all rivers are suitable for swimming – there are sharks and other flesh eating animals to contend with in some places – but the benefits of a healthy river range much further with improvements to the ecology, heat island effect and recreational opportunities

The latest on GRESB, LEED, WorldGBC, and the US plan for a new green deal, and daytime cleaners

The latest on GRESB, LEED, WorldGBC, and the US plan for a new green deal, and daytime cleaners

In the same week we’ve seen the Global Emissions Gap report ring alarm bells about the hastening of climate change impacts, we’ve also seen Sydney hit by another extreme storm event while to the north fire conditions the like of which have not been seen in Queensland are sending hundreds of people fleeing communities in Capricornia.

Alarm bells over the loss of the world’s lungs, in Brazil

Scientists are hitting the panic button over the recent election of new Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro, because it means around two-thirds of the Amazon rainforest are now under the control of a far-right anti-environmental regime.

what's the buzz about native bees

Why there’s a buzz about our native bees

Australia has not so far had the Varroa Mite that’s been decimating bee populations establish itself in our European honeybee colonies, however, according to pollinator expert Professor James Cook, it may only be a matter of time.

mangroves Moreton bay

We need to talk about mangroves, offsets and Walker Corp

SPECIAL REPORT: The Walker Corporation has come under the spotlight for its masterplan at Toondah Harbour redevelopment on Brisbane’s Moreton Bay that encroaches on mangroves protected under the Moreton Bay Ramsar Wetland. So how important are mangroves?

mental health tree-nature-grass-branch-plant

How urban greening is helping our mental health

With National Tree Day coming up on Sunday 29 July, new research on how urban greenery can help mental health shows why it might be a good idea to get out there and plant a tree.