Guyra dam levels

What happens when the water runs out?

Armidale hasn’t received its usual winter rain, and the city’s water reservoir has also been servicing the nearby township of Guyra, where water supplies are critically low.

How to love our open green space and help them grow

Not many people in the community know how to make a case for better green space nor who to approach to make this happen. Now a new large scale research project from the 202020 Vision program has come up with a community engagement kit that can change this..

Why some people hate trees and 5 ways to love them

It’s National Tree Day on Sunday, 28 July. This will probably cause some people a degree of annoyance because, despite the proven benefits of trees for cooling shade, biodiversity, amenity and human wellbeing, many Australians simply don’t like them.

Yep they’re planning for the apocalypse – your guide to the preppers

Dewy Lawrence is owner and manager of Ziptac Outdoor Equipment in Bargo in NSW’s Southern Highlands. His business has been growing rapidly since he founded it two years ago. He has around 2000 customers a month and about 30 per cent of them are prepping for disaster. Quite a few are high-income urban professionals.

Your garden could help restore stream ecosystems

Returning this rainwater to our gardens could help ensure ecological flows continue. Even in drought conditions, this minor water diversion could help replenish local streams and maintain their ecosystems.