On the Australia Fires and what comes next

Dear Scott Morrison, we told you well before Christmas you had the chance to be a superhero. To jump onto the world stage and claim leadership on a scale that no small-to-mid size country has seen before.

Smoke haze and how to minimise the impact

OXYGEN FILES: Usually in January, there are kids everywhere in my little Riverina town. Kids on scooters and bikes and skateboards. Kids at the local pool. Kids out with dogs and basketballs or playing a bit of hit-and-giggle at the town tennis court.

Nasa earth now australia

On our new year of 2020 vision

UPDATED 21 Dec 19: News from the front desk, issue 462:  If 2020 signifies perfect vision then it could be a brilliant irony that in the most populated capital of…

GHD calls it quits on Adani while Siemens hesitates

GHD has finally pulled the plug on Adani and Siemens is reconsidering its involvement with the project, suggesting the coal mine’s reputation-tarnishing abilities are only growing stronger.

Installation of a temperature sensor in a street tree (Queensland brush box)

Tiny sensors and giant temperature map could help cool Western Sydney

Ten days into summer, this year, the Bureau of Meteorology’s only weather station in Penrith, in Sydney’s outer west, recorded a temperature of 41.2 degrees Celsius. The Penrith Lakes station is more than three kilometres from the city’s central business district, where temperatures would have been even higher.

Why private residential water recycling has stalled in Sydney

According to some critics, the statutory pricing structure around recycling is shutting out innovation. Sydney Water argues it needs to maintain commercial viability to meets its requirements to supply low cost water for all. Who’s right?

George Street, Sydney smoke

Why our HVAC and buildings can’t always keep us safe

OXYGEN FILES: In recent weeks, air quality in Sydney and Brisbane, and in many regional areas, has ranged from bad to extremely hazardous because of bushfire smoke. With health experts telling people to stay indoors because no amount of exposure to the smoke is safe, a deeper issue is emerging: most of our buildings can’t block the pollution.

toilet sign

How to slash water use in high-rise buildings by 80 per cent

Water scarcity is a serious issue for densely populated cities, especially in Australia. Fortunately, technology can help us reduce huge amounts of water in our buildings, with the good old vacuum toilet leading the way.