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Queensland and waste: time to sort out the mess

Between 2017 and 2018, Queensland reported a 37 per cent increase in the amount of waste shipped in from interstate. This brought its annual reported waste to 10.9 million tonnes, a level it’s now looking to reduce with a new waste management and resource recovery strategy. 

No separation of water powers – what are we losing? 

No separation of water powers – what are we losing? 

OPINION: Water was once seen as a public good. But over recent decades water utilities have been corporatised and water is now a scarce commodity for sale. These statutory monopolies now primarily aim to maximize their economic performance, with secondary aims to protect the public good and our valuable water eco-systems. 

How air plants could be a secret weapon in the race for greener cities

They’re native to the rocky cliffs and deserts of South America, the humble air plant might be the low maintenance but high impact way of greening (and cooling) our cities that we need. A Melbourne artist has been working with them for 20 years and found the support from a leading engineer on his journey.

We used to have deep rivers and expansive wetlands – now we’ve got a water crisis

Water has been a topic at the top of mind all summer, but beyond the headlines around mismanagement of the Murray Darling, threats to the Great Artesian Basin, dramatic flood photos and Sydney desalination plant being switched on are some issues that cut to the crux of how we live in this country.

Hot enough yet? What this heat is doing to our health

Hot enough yet? What this heat is doing to our health

Public libraries are staying open longer to help communities deal with heat stress and we might need school shut downs as well and meanwhile we get a more sedentary lifestyle.

What’s stopping Australia from building smart cities

What’s stopping Australia from building smart cities

Governments across Australia, Asia and worldwide are jostling to design ‘smart cities’ that will cater for our growing population. We need to build smart cities to maintain livability, but what…

Selling swimmability to spark the urban river clean ups

Selling swimmability to spark urban river clean ups

Not all rivers are suitable for swimming – there are sharks and other flesh eating animals to contend with in some places – but the benefits of a healthy river range much further with improvements to the ecology, heat island effect and recreational opportunities