Bees in the city: Designing green roofs for pollinators

Declining bee populations have been widely covered in the news. It is a pressing issue worldwide as one in three bites of food that we eat relies on bee pollination.

Get set for dangerous heat, doctors warn

Doctors are calling for better extreme heat preparedness as record-breaking warm weather over winter raises prospects of a severe Australian summer. Led by former Australian of the Year Professor Fiona…

Australia warned on sea-level rise and extreme weather

The devastating effects of hurricanes, floods and storm surges currently impacting the US, Caribbean, Cuba and Bahamas could soon be felt by Australian cities if we don’t urgently focus on adaptation and resilience.

Trees bring $636 million of annual value to large cities

Trees in megacities are providing services worth an estimated US$505 million (AU$636m) a year for each city, according to new research published in journal Ecological Modelling, and there’s plenty more room to scale up our green ambitions.

Federal policy sorely lacking on cooling cities

Federal policy on the urban island heat island effect is a sorely missing piece of the puzzle to cool our cities, according to the CRC for Low Carbon Living chief executive Professor Deo Prasad.

urban food policy

10 examples of urban food policies: Feeding the cities, part 2

Feeding our cities in a way that regenerates the planet’s ecology is one of the biggest challenges facing humanity. Many cities are developing policies to tackle this issue, while others have not even begun to consider it.

CWA fracking

Dissonance on fracking continues to split conservatives

The clamour against fracking continues to grow and very inconceniently for conservative rural interests, with the Country Women’s Association of Western Australia joining the NSW branch of its organisation to oppose the industry.