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Trees could save thousands from asthma attacks

Trees and green space are associated with a reduction in asthma-related hospitalisations, according to new research out of England. The findings are based on a study of 650,000 serious asthma…

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Australia can be 100 per cent renewable by 2030

Australia’s electricity grid could be entirely run by renewable energy by 2030, proving to be cheaper and less risky than building new coal-fired power stations, according to new research by the Alternative Technology Association.

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Australia ranks fourth last in global climate change action

Australia has triumphed over South Korea, Iran and Saudi Arabia in a national climate action assessment, claiming 57th place on the Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) released this week. But that’s it.

Barwon-Darling River aerial

Rotten to the core: NSW government’s water theft cover ups

An irrigator in NSW’s northwest allegedly stole more than five billion litres of water from the Barwon-Darling River, and a community group has had to take action to enforce water laws when the government did not.

Cities take centre stage at COP23

Optimism and energy abound at the UN climate change talks in Bonn, as leaders from cities around the world make pledges to help meet the Paris Agreement’s goals.

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Communities take control of their plastic footprint

The Beyond Plastic Pollution conference at Darling Harbour in Sydney this week announced aims to move beyond banning plastic bags to banning other forms of disposable plastics such as coffee cups, straws and takeaway containers.

Bees in the city: Designing green roofs for pollinators

Declining bee populations have been widely covered in the news. It is a pressing issue worldwide as one in three bites of food that we eat relies on bee pollination.

Get set for dangerous heat, doctors warn

Doctors are calling for better extreme heat preparedness as record-breaking warm weather over winter raises prospects of a severe Australian summer. Led by former Australian of the Year Professor Fiona…

Australia warned on sea-level rise and extreme weather

The devastating effects of hurricanes, floods and storm surges currently impacting the US, Caribbean, Cuba and Bahamas could soon be felt by Australian cities if we don’t urgently focus on adaptation and resilience.

Trees bring $636 million of annual value to large cities

Trees in megacities are providing services worth an estimated US$505 million (AU$636m) a year for each city, according to new research published in journal Ecological Modelling, and there’s plenty more room to scale up our green ambitions.