Goulburn abattoir switches to biogas

You may not like what they do, particularly if you’re a vegetarian, but at least one of them is now doing it sustainably. That’s the case for an abattoir at Goulburn south west of Sydney that is now powering its operation from biogas sourced from its effluent. 

organic pool

Natural swimming pool business is booming

Natural Swimming Pools, which builds chemical-free swimming pools, is so busy that it’s booked till the end of the year, says Annika Kvist, who runs and owns the Melbourne-based business together with partner Wayne Zwar and their son.

cows in factory pexels

Australia’s off the charts on meat emissions

Greenhouse emissions from Australian diets are 200 per cent higher than those of a typical high-income country, new research has found, with the blame placed on our meat-heavy diets.

With the right tools, we can mine cities

Instead of extracting dwindling raw materials from nature at ever-increasing cost, the time has come to start re-using materials from buildings and infrastructure in our cities.

green park Photo by Chanan Greenblatt on Unsplash

Trees could save thousands from asthma attacks

Trees and green space are associated with a reduction in asthma-related hospitalisations, according to new research out of England. The findings are based on a study of 650,000 serious asthma…

Eco village. Australia carob neutral

Australia can be 100 per cent renewable by 2030

Australia’s electricity grid could be entirely run by renewable energy by 2030, proving to be cheaper and less risky than building new coal-fired power stations, according to new research by the Alternative Technology Association.