Governments talk tough on trash, but will anything change?

ABC’s Four Corners waste and recycling exposé has everyone talking about rubbish, with the NSW and Queensland governments squaring up for a stoush over garbage sent to Queensland to avoid landfill levies.

Victorian government’s coal to hydrogen plans come under fire

The Victorian government’s plan to turn brown coal into hydrogen in line with long-term plan by Japanese interests will make it harder for the state to meet its climate commitment of keeping global warming under the two degree threshold, environmental critics say.

Toxic playgrounds: Broken Hill kids exposed to poisonous dust

From The Conversation: In the shadows of Broken Hill’s rich mining history lies a legacy of contamination and regulatory failure that will likely outlive any benefits locals derive from mining.

Bee Coalition seeks pesticide ban

The UK-Based Bee Coalition is calling for a global ban on neonicotinoid pesticides, citing the results of a Worldwide Integrated Assessment that reviewed 800 studies covering birds, animals, soil and…