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Philip Thalis on Sydney’s future: public treasures or throwaway junk buildings?

The nature of Sydney’s built environment and its brand has been under siege from a range of critics in recent years. Now renowned architect and City of Sydney councillor Philip Thalis has waded into the fray with a searing look at what will happen to public Sydney under the current regime of how it treats its built environment.

Rethinking the city means rethinking economics 

Rethinking the city means rethinking economics 

We have become accustomed to talking about economic disruptions in recent years.  Disruption of the taxi industry by Uber and of the hotel industry by Airbnb. Before that, we had…

George st Sydney the rocks

NSW transport reshuffle a chance to rethink mobility

OPINION: The NSW government’s recent announcement that Roads and Maritime Services – until now the state’s standalone roads agency – will be integrated into Transport for NSW could not have come at a more opportune time. 

electric cars charging station

A national EV network a good start, but more action is needed

A national electric vehicle fast-charging network, flagged as a “high priority initiative” by Infrastructure Australia for the first time last week, will help drivers overcome distance anxiety and accelerate EV take up in Australia according to ClimateWorks Australia project manager Sarah Fumei.

Public transport funding, now for the good news

Public transport funding, now for the good news

In this latest edition in our transport series, we look at how major cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane are dealing with the building and the finance elements of the challenge.