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Greater Sydney Commission firms up plan for three cities

It was not so much a reveal than a reiteration when Greater Sydney Commission head Lucy Turnbull announced Sydney would become a tale of three “30-minute” cities by 2056 – we heard that last year when the city’s draft district plans were released.

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Car Wars: Return of the Planners

The advent of driverless cars presents a golden opportunity to wrest city shaping away from cars and back to planners, according to the University of Sydney’s Professor Robyn Dowling.

Community needs to be taken on the driverless car ride

Driverless cars, or autonomous vehicles (AVs), will be the biggest change to transport since the invention of wheel, according to Infrastructure Partnerships Australia, but the technology is set to struggle if governments can’t get the currently hesitant community onboard.

Highway Traffic at Sunset. Tilt Shift Concept Photo. Traffic in Las Vegas Nevada, USA.

Managing and reducing parking congestion through smart technology

Currently there are increasing population levels in Australian cities and a well-known negative impact on the urban environment of a larger population is an increase in congestion, on both major and minor arterial roads.