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Bikeshare: a challenge worth solving

Dockless share bikes are dotted across Australia’s major cities – useful to some, seemingly a nuisance to many. In Sydney, the debate is dominated by the accusation that bike share is a “bad thing” affecting the city, and that we would be better off kicking the bikes out.

women cycling to work

Closing the gender gap in active transport

A true measure of how a city’s transport networks perform is the number of women walking, cycling and using public transport, Sharon Moller argues.

CEFC makes first infrastructure equity commitment

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) has tipped $150 million into Australia’s largest infrastructure fund to help reduce carbon emissions across airports, ports and electricity infrastructure.

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Cars flouting cyclist safety rules

One in six cars passing cyclists aren’t leaving the minimum required distance, according to a new study from Queensland University of Technology, which has called for better road infrastructure to reduce risks. 


Tyranny of distance threatens the fair go

In the nation of the Fair Go, Australians pride themselves on the idea that anyone in this country has a fair chance to be whatever they want to be.

Léonard Dupond behance

5 steps to save cities from the driverless cars

The autonomous future is coming at us at full speed and poses a potential threat to daily life in our cities and suburbs not seen since the invention of the automobile.

ringroad Melbourne upgrade

Infrastructure Australia’s latest priority list causes upset

Three road projects, two rail projects and an airport are Australia’s top infrastructure needs recommended for funding, according to Infrastructure Australia’s latest priority list, but not every state is happy about the assessment.

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Pedestrian death puts driverless car regulation under spotlight

Researchers have warned we must not lose sight of the life-saving potential of autonomous vehicles, following the death of a pedestrian who was hit by one of Uber’s driverless cars while crossing the road in Tempe, Arizona in the US.

Sydney city aerial

Future Transport strategy signals end of the car’s reign

In 2056, most of Sydney’s 12 million residents should be able to get to their destinations within 30 minutes by public transport, walking or cycling, according to the NSW government’s just-released Future Transport 2056 strategy. They might even be flying around in automated drones.