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Fast charge for EVs opens up the highway Melbourne to Sydney

Interstate road trippers will soon be able to drive electric vehicles between Australia’s major cities worry-free, with Australian start up Chargefox rolling out the nation’s first “ultra-rapid” charging network for EVs.

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Sydney’s transport planning fundamentally flawed

A highly experienced transport specialist who worked under several state government regimes claims that NSW’s troubled road and rail infrastructure planning is fundamentally flawed. 

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Alan Tudge: on congestion, infrastructure and population

Newly appointed minister for cities Alan Tudge on 9 October in Melbourne delivered a view of the challenges of Australian cities driven largely by rapid population growth, and some of…

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John Alexander: It’s time to stop reactive planning

A week or so before announcing the mammoth Building Up & Moving Out inquiry into the development of cities, MP John Alexander told the audience at The Fifth Estate’s Tomorrowland that Australia needs to stop its “reactionary” approach to urban planning.

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Sydney falls short on green public transport

Sydney looks to be falling behind other capital cities on renewable powered public transport, with a new Climate Council report flagging Adelaide, Canberra and Melbourne as national standouts.

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Glass half full or half empty? Hello Tomorrowland!

Last week I had the privilege of playing MC at The Fifth Estate’s amazing Tomorrowland even. Dozens of ever-too-clever individuals giving us mind-popping insights into the future of everything, from how you have your say in your democracy to how your pizza gets to your door.