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Population growth need more infrastructure investment

Population growth needs more infrastructure investment

Population and the pressure on infrastructure are shaping up as key election issues. Here’s what the Opposition spokesman on these issues, Anthony Albanese, says are the problems and the solutions.…

Time for Sydney to take cycling seriously

Time for Sydney to take cycling seriously

As the world’s list of cities undergoing a cycling revolution continues to grow, you wonder when Sydney will finally reach a tipping point and take cycling as a mode of transport seriously, writes landscape architect Jason Packenham.

On what China is doing with its tech and why we should care

China has technology that can scan a billion faces in one second. It’s using that level of technology to plan its cities and transport. It knows that cities are the powerhouses of the economy it wants.

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Suburban living ripe for a “degrowth” revolution

Learning to live within our means should start in the suburbs, according to University of Melbourne academics Brendan Gleeson and Samuel Alexander.


Fast charge for EVs opens up the highway Melbourne to Sydney

Interstate road trippers will soon be able to drive electric vehicles between Australia’s major cities worry-free, with Australian start up Chargefox rolling out the nation’s first “ultra-rapid” charging network for EVs.

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Sydney’s transport planning fundamentally flawed

A highly experienced transport specialist who worked under several state government regimes claims that NSW’s troubled road and rail infrastructure planning is fundamentally flawed.