empty street

High streets and how to make them great people places

High Streets are the lifeblood of a city. They’ll be back after the current COVID-19 fears inevitably subside, but we need to ensure they’re designed for vibrancy and people.

Is your job to make healthy places in NSW? If so take this survey

It’s been well documented by The Fifth Estate that where you live and work shapes how easy it is to buy healthy food, use active transport, and make social connections. The evidence is clear. But how do we make places that improve the health and wellbeing outcomes for all?

Bushfire rebuild: to rise from the ashes – or not?

OXYGEN FILES: Yes, some of the communities devasted by bushfires are in high-risk zones but that’s no reason to not rebuild. We didn’t stop flying, driving or swimming because they are risky, “Instead we manage the risk through the most effective tools available; education, innovation, safety systems, warning systems, engineering, regulation.”

Darwin’s ‘smart city’ project is about surveillance and control

Darwin City Council installed a network of hundreds of new devices across the centre of the city last year. This web of “smart” lights, environmental sensors and video cameras is designed to give the council more power to monitor and manage urban places – and the people who occupy them.

Michelangelo Creation of the Sun Moon and Plants

The angry god, urban trust and policy integrity

Bushfires are an angry God’s message to Australia for its support of same-sex marriage, according to Israel Folau. Presumably, the more ferocious conflagration near Sydney means its sin is greater. Felled by smoke and regret, its watery-eyed penitents must now kneel and beg forgiveness.