Why NSW needs a revised medium density housing code

The Low Rise Medium Density Housing Code has attracted widespread criticism from those concerned with suburban over-development, amenity and the role of state government in local planning.

 Save Our Suburbs rejects Posh Sydney label

OPINION: Philip Bull’s article “Posh Sydney says No to density” incorporates an inaccurate, emotive attack on me that requires a response.

Lack of density in posh Sydney – it’s a thing

Posh Sydney says No to density – it’s a thing

There is an abundance of self interest in the collaboration between the Save Our Suburbs crowd and developer lobby The Urban Task Force – in furious agreement to stop medium density in middle ring leafy suburbs. But why? And is it fair?

online tool to help urban planners drop the heat

An online tool to help urban planners drop the heat

As temperatures rise in our cities and the urban heat island effect intensifies, there’s never been a better time for a new tool that helps planners visualise possible techniques to reduce heat levels in our cities.