Urban interests trump reason: Do we need an inquiry?

If recent troubling reports in The Fifth Estate and elsewhere on the state of urban planning and governance are to be believed, then a sector-wide inquiry sounds like a good idea. Mike Brown, for one, thinks it’s time to take a good hard look into the state of our urban affairs.

How better planning can save Sydney’s music scene (and its mojo)

How better planning can save Sydney’s music scene (and its mojo)

Good planning and governance has the potential to breathe life back into Sydney’s music scene, writes James Hulme from independent think tank The Committee for Sydney. Sydney should consider dedicated music zones, he says, and think outside the box to keep neighbours of noisy venues happy.

Street smarts are crucial to planning our cities  

Street smarts are crucial to planning our cities  

The congestion from bikes, dockless bikes, scooters, e-scooters, e-bikes, EV-charging, and even people is making our kerb-side a battleground. We need to think smarter about how these increasing and competing channels can all access the veins of our city. Most roads are still designed for cars first.

smart cities

How smart cities are about to rock our world

What’s the connection between smart cities and sustainability? How about cleaner water, zero waste, smart transport, better engagement with communities and building resilience? Is that a good start?

Manly, Sydney transport

Our transport choices are about more than keeping Sydney moving

As Sydney continues to grapple with the ever-growing economic, environmental and social costs of its congestion, it is plain to see that Sydney’s historically car-based mobility preferences cannot continue in a city of 8 million people in the future.

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Impact branding for the urbanising century

Global media and advertising come with a huge environmental footprint. But imagine a world in which brand communications, in right hands and under strong thinking, can become a regenerative force for cities.