What’s equity got to do with health in a higher-density city?

More and more of us living in denser cities where apartments and high-rise developments are increasingly common. This creates specific health concerns for residents of these areas, and for lower-income households in particular.

NSW commits to integrated design policy

The NSW government has adopted a state-wide policy that “establishes a baseline” of what is expected across all NSW projects in terms of design, and according to the Australian Institute…

homeless, woolloomooloo

Homeless in Sydney: Who’s public space is it and whose rights will prevail?

n response to pressure from property development as reported by Sydney Morning Herald in late June the City of Sydney recently undertook a mass removal of homeless people and their belongings from beneath building scaffolding in Martin Place.

Garden city

How to build a garden city: Part 2

Modern garden cities and one planet developments The Art of Building a Garden City: Designing new communities for the 21st Century is an ambitious new book that attempts to both…

Garden city

How to build a garden city: Part 1

An ambitious new book is a thorough attempt both to tell the history of the garden city movement in Britain and to provide guidance on planning and creating such a city now.

Bondi Junction set for a sustainable upgrade

Leighton, Meriton and Westfield will work with Waverley Council to turn Bondi Junction into a more sustainable precinct as part of the council’s new Green Infrastructure Masterplan. The three property…

Market-driven compaction is no way to build an ecocity

As Melbourne hosts the Ecocity World Summit this week, we might ponder the progress of Australia, a “nation of cities”, toward achieving sustainable urbanism.