Barcelona: The world’s most radical city?

Spain’s Barcelona is spawning a new era of citizen-led activities that rely on co-operatives organising a range of activities – all while heading down the smart city/low energy route.

modern slavery solomon-hsu-518339

Modern slavery is a deadly serious risk for built environment companies

Modern slavery is an issue that’s been gaining visibility over the last few years in Australia following the work by many countries, including the UK, which introduced a modern slavery act in 2015 that started a radical change throughout organisations’ supply chains.

black and white aerial kings cross

Gentrification or blandification?

Once a den for organised crime – from gambling to prostitution – Kings Cross still retains something of its gritty reputation. For now.

War on Waste takes out the Banksias

The ABC TV series War on Waste has won the most prestigious sustainability honour in Australia, the 2017 Gold Banksia Sustainability award.

Bins that talk and park benches that give you wifi

The Internet of Things may not come top of mind with landscaping, but the Future Street installation, opened last week in Sydney, shows how the two can be a natural fit.