Waste and recycling

Single use plastic: be gone

Better Building Partnership Sustainable Destination Partnership and CitySwitch and their allies packed into the Marconi Room at Sydney Town Hall on Tuesday morning to launch a new program to reduce single use plastics in the city’s destinations hot spots, organised by the City of Sydney.

construction waste

The construction industry needs a “Peak Embedded Carbon Day”

The construction industry’s canary in the mineshaft is its most visible flaw – waste. David Chandler suggests that a galvanising call to reduce its embedded carbon would modernise and lift its game.

John Gertsakis

The hidden costs of IoT and smart cities

Smart city technologies and the Internet of Things may have a downside that policy and processes are yet to address – the potential to add to growing volumes of ewaste.

speaking into tin can

Queensland and waste: time to sort out the mess

Between 2017 and 2018, Queensland reported a 37 per cent increase in the amount of waste shipped in from interstate. This brought its annual reported waste to 10.9 million tonnes, a level it’s now looking to reduce with a new waste management and resource recovery strategy. 

Victorian government backs recyclable road projects

Australia is on the road to a more sustainable heavy construction materials industry, with the Victorian government handing out grants worth over $1.5 million this year for innovative road surface projects.

One month into Bali’s ban of single use plastics 

One month into Bali’s ban of single use plastics 

The Balinese government has outlawed single use plastics in the wake of a rising rubbish problem. Governor I Wayan Koster announced the ban last month, stating there would be serious penalties for noncompliance following a six month grace period. 


In the outback no one sees your landfill, for now

One investor in the Northern Territory has faith that the recycling industry can change in his patch. In fact he’s just invested $3.5 million in a new facility. Growing pains…