Waste and recycling

Gov on how to make waste sexy while industry and states ask for incentives

New national waste targets, including the phasing out of “problematic and unnecessary” single-use plastic packaging sound right on cue with the current mood among voters and consumer. But key industry players and some state government leaders wondering who will foot the bill? 

plastic food-packaging

Waste revolution spawns food-packaging alternatives

Food packaging remains a sticking point for the circular economy. Plastic is so entrenched in the food production cycle that avoiding it when sourcing groceries and takeaway food is almost impossible.

property sector

The property sector and the war on waste

Maybe it’s more a quiet revolution, rather than a war, moving through the industry as the property titans take up the issue of waste.

takeaway coffee cups image: Jekaterina Budryte

All in to tackle plastics in coffee takeouts

The move to rid cafes of plastics in takeaway coffee cups is gathering steam with innovative business jumping in with alternative solutions and competition between the major cities heating up. Landlords are taking note.

Melbourne recycling

City of Melbourne propose new-plastics tax

A tax on “virgin” plastics, paper and metals has been proposed in the City of Melbourne’s Current Recycling Challenges discussion paper released today.

Plastic single use

The tide is turning on single-use plastic

A senate report into Australia’s waste and recycling industry has recommended the country ban single-use plastics within five years, including not just bags but potentially plastic-lined coffee cups, containers, chip packets and microbeads.

Prevention not cure key to next-gen waste reform

The next big frontier in waste is reducing the production and consumption of rubbish in the first place, says Clean Up Australia chief executive Terrie-Ann Johnson.

ikea circular

IKEA launches furniture take-back scheme

Riding on the momentum of Australia’s anti-waste movement, IKEA is now letting its Sydney customers return their unwanted furniture and goods to the Tempe store in exchange for a voucher to spend in-store.

Downer set to transform road waste into dollars

More than 21,000 tonnes of the waste hitting Sydney streets each year is set to be turned into sellable products, following the opening of a new detritus facility in Sydney’s Western Suburbs.