Waste and recycling

Victorian government backs recyclable road projects

Australia is on the road to a more sustainable heavy construction materials industry, with the Victorian government handing out grants worth over $1.5 million this year for innovative road surface projects.

One month into Bali’s ban of single use plastics 

One month into Bali’s ban of single use plastics 

The Balinese government has outlawed single use plastics in the wake of a rising rubbish problem. Governor I Wayan Koster announced the ban last month, stating there would be serious penalties for noncompliance following a six month grace period. 


In the outback no one sees your landfill, for now

One investor in the Northern Territory has faith that the recycling industry can change in his patch. In fact he’s just invested $3.5 million in a new facility. Growing pains…

Tyre waste to screech to a halt in Toowoomba

Aside from the few tyres that are turned into park swings or are ground up for soccer ground surfaces, most tyres from Australian cars and trucks go to waste or are exported overseas to be turned into fuel.

EPA NSW ranger

Waste criminals: NSW EPA is out to get you

NSW has a new crack team out to find and prosecute the worst criminals in the waste industry, some of whom are serial offenders. But no need to look complacent, apparently one in three of us has illegally dumped at some time.

Gov on how to make waste sexy while industry and states ask for incentives

New national waste targets, including the phasing out of “problematic and unnecessary” single-use plastic packaging sound right on cue with the current mood among voters and consumer. But key industry players and some state government leaders wondering who will foot the bill? 

plastic food-packaging

Waste revolution spawns food-packaging alternatives

Food packaging remains a sticking point for the circular economy. Plastic is so entrenched in the food production cycle that avoiding it when sourcing groceries and takeaway food is almost impossible.

property sector

The property sector and the war on waste

Maybe it’s more a quiet revolution, rather than a war, moving through the industry as the property titans take up the issue of waste.