Climate Strike Commitments: Investa, UTS, BankAustralia, Impact Investment Group, GoGet, GWA, Luigi Rosselli Architects,

The Climate Strike is gaining momentum in a big way. With just over a week to go, our list can barely keep up with all the names pledging to shut doors and take to the streets. Here’s our tally so far:
  1. Investa
  2. UTS
  3. Supple Minds
  4. Impact Investment Fund
  5. BankAustralia
  6. Frasers Property Australia – Marine Calmettes
  7. GoGet Carshare
  8. Australian Institute of Architecture
  9. GWA Consultants Australia 
  10. Luigi Rosselli Architects
  11. Mercer Responsible Investment
  13. BankTrack
  14. Responsible Investor
  15. The Economist (well not in Sydney, but with a special issue dedicated to climate)
  16. Encycle Consulting
  17. ADP Consulting
  18. Vegan Australia
  19. Verdia
  20. Canva
  21. Compass Housing
  22. Ndevr Environmental
  1. Breath Architecture
  2. Planning Institute Australia
  3. Ecomplish Sustainability
  4. Sustainable Energy Transformation
  6. Ecovantage
  7. ClimateClever
  8. Aquacell water recycling
  9. Republic of Everyone
  10. Sustainable Australia Fund
  11. OzHarvest
  12. Kinesis
  13. Evissa
  14. Gensler
  15. Intrepid Travel
  16. Australian Ethical
  17. 1MillionWomen
  18. Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility
  19. Ajuria Lawyers
  20. Grok Ventures
  21. Spaceship Financial Services
  22. Energy Lab
  23. Sustainable Settlements
  24. LCI Consultants
  25. Grün Consulting
  26. Ecolateral
  27. Good Habitat in Sydney and Cooma
  28. LCI Consultants
  29. Sustainable Settlements
  30. Urban Apostles and the City Makers’ Guild – Jason Twill
  31. Atlassian
  32. Investor Group on Climate Change
  33. Helena Bond, book editing
  34. Future Super
  35. KeepCup
  36. Amber, clean energy retailer
  37. Impact Investment Group
  38. Australian Education Union
  39. Junglefy
  40. I2c Architects and global alliance partners
  41. Full Circle Design Services 
  42. The Green Building Institute – Daniel Wurm
  43. Archikidz and Urbano – Vanessa Trowell
  44. Atelier Ten – Paul Stoller
  45. The Fith Estate in Wagga Wagga – Willow Aliento
  46. ElectromotiV – Toby Roxbrugh
  47. Anne Paten – (Yes Melbourne will strike, here’s some info )
  48. The Fifth Estate in Sydney
  49. The UK Green Building Council
    1. See what chief executive of the UKGBC says in this video message
  50. Cundall
  51. Building-Performance – Diana Rico-Roa
  52. The Edge Environment team
  53. Architects Declare will be there in support, says convenor Caroline Pidcock.
    1. See our story on the Declare movement, gaining ground with architects, and also what’s happening with engineers
  54. Australian Services Union 
  55. The Living Future Institute of Australia
  56. The Society for Responsible Design

We’re calling on the leaders of the big REITS –  Stockland, Mirvac, Lendlease, Investa, GPT, Dexus and the rest, to also come out in support.

See another big site collecting commitments to strike: Not Business as Usual, created by Future Super and Mike Cannon-Brookes (Atlassian). It has had a similar idea, compiling a list of 604 companies (and counting) that are also supporting their staff in the Climate Strike.

See also School Strike 4 Climate for strike times and locations within Australia, and Global Climate Strike for overseas information.

State your intentions to strike in the comments to this article and we will add you to our list.

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