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well done sir, just a Question air of one room does not mix with air of other room in return air. we have mesh filter and bag filters which usually are said to stop most of bacteria are they enough in…

Rafi on HVAC and COVID-19 explained

Does anyone know what HVAC systems cruise ships use and if a poorly maintained system could end up recirculating virus particles? Just curious.

Ben on HVAC and COVID-19 explained

.... is dedicated to developing digital solutions, processes and new projects to create buildings that are faster, cheaper and safer for customers.....Houses can be made cheaply but land costs blow th…

don on CRC for better buildings gets under way

Great summary Willow. Let's get supply chain dynamics working. Tenants can ask for net zero emission buildings, builders can ask for net zero emission products, everybody wins and the accounting is ea…

Bruce Precious on Your guide to low carbon lingo

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