We’re excited to announce that Building Circularity will offer the best virtual table networking available – as close to f2f as you can get – with television grade streaming from a studio in Mascot.

The line up at Building Circularity keeps getting better.

And after all the exciting and indepth briefings we’ve done, the content will be as edgy, incisive and relevant for your business as it’s possible to be.

But it cannot be a TFE event without some serious networking…so we’ve brought back the platform we had at our last event so you can all sit at “tables” and chat with your neighbours.

If you see someone at another table and there’s a free seat, jump in and say g’day. Swap “business cards” or your LinkedIn profile.

After all, the information you get out of events is just one of the reasons you go, albeit the most important one, but the fun of doing business and making contacts, is another.

We’ll have the conference table networking open from 9 am, again at the lunch break, and then after the event for as long as people like! Bring a wine or a beer, settle back and enjoy.

Newly confirmed speakers this week are Dennis Else from Multiplex who will go into serious discussion with David Chandler, NSW Building Commissioner and Ninotschka Titchkosky, co-chief executive of BVN.

They will talk about how we can take this industry further, create leadership and unpack major sustainability gains. The chat with Dennis on Tuesday was exciting and uplifting.

He’s managed to bridge the unbridgeable – evidence-based research and the hard-nosed practicality of tier one builders. Multi’s, by the way, has constructed some of Australia’s most significant buildings. They’re showing exactly the kind of leadership we need to urgently compress sustainability, innovation and collaboration achievements.

David, for his part, told Wendy Frew in a recent article that we need buildings that “don’t harm the environment and don’t harm people”. Wow… that’s verging on holistic. And systems thinking.

I reckon this event will be a total firecracker.

Don’t miss it…

So make sure you get your tickets.

And all our zoom video interviews, which are really quite revealing, will be available for delegates and TFE members after.

Here’s just a taste of what you will learn:

  • Why the circular economy will be so lucrative and how you can be part of it
  • Why leading developers are planning circular precincts and Atlassian’s near Sydney Central Station could be Australia’s best
  • How we can design buildings for re-use (and why The Netherlands is all over this)
  • What our hand picked green judges will decide about building materials old and new at our Spanish Materials Inquisition
  • How Coreo turned (slightly grungy) Ocean Street in Maroochydore into a thriving community of much greener more circular retailers and provided a nice economic kickback
  • Why InSinkErators are back! And flushing your organic waste down the sewerage can create a bio fuel boom. (Water treatment plants as the new power stations?)

See you on the 24th.

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