Here’s your chance to win free tickets to our Building Circularity symposium next week AND help us shape up a super insightful day with seriously thought-provoking questions about embodied carbon and accelerating the circular economy in the built environment.

We’re giving away limited double passes to those with the best questions sent though to by noon Friday 20 November.

Got a probing question for David Chandler, the NSW Building Commissioner, who says if the construction industry wants to win back consumer confidence it must deliver buildings that don’t harm people physically, emotionally or economically, and that have a small environmental footprint? Mind we will be trying to focus David on what he working on before he became building commissioner: how to engineer leadership, policy and regulation to achieve real change in the construction industry so it’s more innovative and collaborative. (Big ask, we know.)

Dennis Else from Multiplex will help, who’s been straddling academia and evidence based research with the practical hard nosed imperatives of a Tier 1 building, as will Ninotschka Titchkosky co-CEO of BVN who’s thrown the gauntlet for this discussion.

Maybe what you’d like to know is more about Tech Central, the new precinct at Sydney’s Central Station that will host the incredible new low embodied carbon Atlassian HQ? Let’s see how much detail we can wheedle out of our guests on this, namely Ninotschka Titchkosky, who’s practice is co-designing the Atlassian building, and Transport for NSW’s Nicholas Wolff, who is program director for the Central Renewal Project.

Now’s the time to get your questions answered about this city-shaping project and see if it’s true that it will lead the nation.

Or maybe you’re as conflicted as we are about some of our most commonly used building materials – help our expert panel of “green judges” question our “witnesses” representing the different materials: concrete, steel, timber, glass. Plus their greener, higher tech iterations.

Perhaps you’re feeling more philosophical (Covid has done that to us all) and have a big picture question for Caroline Pidcock, spokesperson for Architects Declare or Amanda Sturgeon, the head of regenerative design at Mott MacDonald, who will be taking us right back to first principles in a final thoughtful session.

So get your questions in by lunchtime tomorrow because this is an event you won’t want to miss.

Send them to

Learn more about our Build Circularity event here.

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  1. With all the large buildings being built world wide, what is being done to address Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) &
    how can the Circular Economy & reusing materials better addressh this?
    or add to the SBS problem…?