Tomorrowland 2019: I, human in the climate emergency

The built environment and our future are speeding headlong on converging tracks.

In a time of climate emergency, we need to seize control of our trajectory and deliver the radical solutions we need for people and planet.

Keynote speaker:

The Hon. Rob Stokes MP, Minister for Planning and Public Spaces

Guest speakers: 

  • Fred Holt, 3XN
  • David Chandler, NSW Building Commissioner
  • Jeremy McLeod, Nightingale Housing
  • Scott BocskaySustainable Australia Fund
  • Caryn Kakas, ANZ
  • Katherine Leong, SparkBeyond

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Keynote speaker: The Hon. Rob Stokes MP Minister for Planning and Public Spaces

What Sydney needs to achieve especially in Western Sydney: the huge opportunities and challenges.

Panel discussion and questions for the Minister

The Environment

How to deal with the massive environmental challenges ramping up – in water, heat, health, food security

People: How to drive successful communities

How to create great communities and cities: Data and analytics in shaping the communities we want; The role of economic wealth to leverage social capital and the potential of co-operatives; the role of health in better communities; urban renewal and gentrification versus social cleansing

Buildings: digital and analogue dreaming 

Our buildings rely on extractive industries, energy and carbon consumption. But our natural resources are become scarce. We need to fast track the circular economy to prevent waste and rethink materials. What is the promise of the digital world to support the creativity of the architect, other designers and our sustainability imperatives? How can technology help to reduce or remove poor quality building practices?

Finance and investment – Nightingale Village an amazing case study

How the $100 million Nightingale Village project turned risk on its head and convinced NAB, HESTA and other stakeholders to break the mould, accept slightly lower returns for massive community dividends. Seven different architects, three different builders, and housing for a diverse housing mix including social and disabled.

I, human and the big city

Tech, big data, AI – the potential: Smart cities – transport, energy, data capture, facial recognition, in buildings and public spaces – what’s the potential?  What are the privacy and legal implications? Do we care?

I, Human

want to take control of the driverless train

  1. I want to preserve and conserve this beautiful world, my most valuable inheritance, for my children and my children’s children
  2. I want technology to serve me, my family, my community and my economy;
  3. I want my economy to be world’s best practice and to care for people and for Country
  4. I want my buildings to protect me, to listen and learn from me with respect and absolute privacy
  5. I expect governments everywhere to understand this and write the road rules, before the cowboys run loose
  6. I need technology to help not hinder my ambitions
  7. I want business to be aligned with my needs and wants but also to anticipate my future wishes, hopes and dreams
  8. I want to work in a place that cares for me, among friends, and makes space for my career aspirations and creative yearnings
  9. I want to be able to feel emotional and vulnerable and safe when I do so
  10. I want everything I use to be made from clean and green things that will be returned to the circular economy when they’re done
  11. I want to go home to a safe, sustainable, vibrant community
  12. In the climate emergency I look to the built environment as my first port of call for all of this

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