Australian Passive House Association: Sydney Symposium 2018

Date(s) - 26/09/2018
7:00 am - 9:30 pm

Wilkinson Building G04, University of Sydney


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The Australian Passive House Association is pleased to announce the first bi-annual Sydney Symposium

Building Responsibility: Our obligations towards Affordability, Building Performance & Better Outcomes.
The symposium will be held on Wednesday 26th September 2018, featuring a panel discussion and a trade show. A networking breakfast and site tour will allow interesting discussion with industry experts and other delegates.
Please note that CPD points are available for architects and builders.

Join Passive Place on Wednesday September 26 at The Australian Passive House Association’s first bi-annual Sydney Symposium for a frank discussion about an approach to housing for the future: Passivhaus.

Building Responsibility: Our obligations towards Affordability, Building Performance & Better Outcomes ­– will be held at the mecca for innovation and new ways of thinking, Sydney University (Wilkinson Building G04.104 City Road, Darlington, Sydney 2008), from 7AM until 9:30PM, including a breakfast session and discussion panel, symposium sessions and Q&A, site tour, and dinner. Get your tickets here.

At breakfast, we sit down with Nick Mulvaney, Suzie Barnett, Rachael McGinley, Paul Stoller and others to discuss how the construction sector is adapting to climate change.  With the Paris Protocol target deadlines rapidly approaching, we need a new approach to building – zero carbon construction, as rapidly as possible. What can be done? Who’s doing it? Can it be done to build above code, turn a profit, and provide affordable housing that people actually want to live in? Find out from the leaders in the field at this excellent networking opportunity – breakfast at  Sydney University, Wilkinson Building, 7AM, panel discussion at 7:45AM.

Nick Mulvaney is a Lead Sustainability Consultant with Lucid Consulting, and a certified Passive House Consultant (Passivhaus). From experience with the Green Building Council of South Africa to his comprehensive knowledge of fundamental building physics, mechanical and HVAC engineering, sustainable building principles and technologies and more, Nick brings a fearsome knowledge of the construction and design sector and how the future will be achieved.

Suzie Barnett is a strategic thinker and industry connector – the General Manager of Junglefy, a living infrastructure specialist focused on bringing more plants into our cities. Suzie drives change in the building product supply chain, and investigates new trends in the circular economy, transparency, and procurement, and much, much more.

Rachael McGinley – a senior manager at the Green Building Council of Australia with over 10 years’ experience as a chartered structural engineer in the UK and Australia – is committed to the mission of buildings and cities that are healthy, liveable, productive, resilient, and sustainable. Currently working to develop Green Star’s future focus and GCBA’s strategy for a more sustainable housing sector, Rachael has her eye on the future and a wealth of knowledge to share.

Paul Stoller, Director at Atelier Ten, is one of many without whom this event simply could not be complete. He brings global experience, from Australia to the US and Europe, having designed net-zero energy buildings, and with multiple LEED Platinum academic and commercial buildings to his name, to name just a small portion of his accomplishments.

At the symposium and Q&A, hear from Oliver Steele, Clare Parry, Sean Maxwell, and Caroline Pidcock, along with Nick Mulvany and Rachael McGinley, and many more. These folks are at the forefront of the Passive Housing movement, and they’ll be covering the tough topics with deep insight from their own experience.

Oliver Steele is self-described as a guinea pig on a mission from Gaia to help the human race survive its best attempts at self-immolation. As Director of the Steele crew, Oliver takes the risks that conventional developers won’t to push the boundaries of what’s possible in high comfort, low energy living. Just don’t say ‘disruption’ in earshot.

Clare Parry is the founder of the Australian Passive House Association (2011) and served as a Director until 2017. Not only a highly accomplished mechanical engineer and sustainability consultant used to speaking at national and international conferences, Clare was one of the first certified Passivhaus Designers in Australia and is now a certified Passivhaus Trainer herself. She remains one of the two Passivhaus Certifiers in Australia.

Sean Maxwell is the Technical Manager at Pro Clima Australia, a member of ASHRAE, and deputy-chair of the Australian Institute of Air Conditioning and Heating Special Technical Group in Building Physics. A national authority on building airtightness testing, he has been repeatedly consulted for advice on implementing airtightness testing in the National Construction Code of Australia.

Caroline Pidcock is a living legend in the architecture space. She ran her own practice for over 25 years, is the Chair of the Board for 1 Million Women, and holds and has held countless high level positions throughout her career. Caroline is passionate about the important of architecture and integrated design in generating a “culturally rich, socially just, and ecologically restorative” future. This description can’t do her justice; see her full bio here. Recognised by the International Living Future Institute as a Living Building Hero in 2014 and recipient of the Marian Mahony Griffin Award in 2011, Caroline’s speech will be one you simply can’t miss.

A stellar example of Passivhaus design by John Wardle Architects, Limestone House in Toorak, Melbourne, will be referred to frequently throughout the day, so make sure you’re familiar with it. An utterly gorgeous design, Limestone House achieves a comfortable internal temperature using minimal energy, achieved by creating a high performing and uninterrupted building envelope; triple glazed windows, and superior insulation, coupled with airtightness and leakage testing three times throughout construction.

Toward the evening, Oliver Steele will conduct a site tour of The Fern, Australia’s first Passivhaus certified apartment building in Redfern – a perfectly quiet, bright, fresh oasis of goldilocks temperatures all year round. A bus will be provided to take participants to the site.

That’s all for now folks! Whether you’re in the industry or hoping to break in, the Australian Passive House Association’s Sydney Symposium is the place to be. The future of housing is here; come and get an inside look.

Wednesday 26 September. Sydney University. Tickets here.